Addiction does not care about your race, gender, occupation, religious beliefs or age.  Often, recovering addicts/alcoholics wonder if it is “their time” to get clean.

On one hand, you have the young people, many not even old enough to have a legal drink.  There are fears of missing out, as drinking and drugs are often the status quo in one’s late teens and early 20’s.  One may think, “I am just going through a phase”.  It is difficult at times to see a problem at this age. Many times the potential recovering addict does not yet see heavy repercussions, or may not have a career or children to support.

On the other hand, you see people in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s that may face other types of fears.  “I have made it this long, why stop now?” “I did my job, my kids are out of the house, who am I hurting?” Or perhaps the worst, “I have been doing this my whole life, why stop now?”

The fact is, people of any age can get clean and sober.  People as young as 14 or 15, and into their 80’s can stop drinking or using.  A treatment center will often have a wide variety of ages in the community.  Younger and older people are able to focus on their common problem, and not on their differences.  The same goes for 12 step recovery.

If you are questioning whether or not to seek treatment, give it a try.  A treatment center may be able to help, but only you can make the decision of when enough is enough.  Ask most addicts/alcoholics the best time, and they will likely say “The best time was yesterday, and the next best time is today.”

How old were you when you got clean?

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