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What Is It Like to Come to Asheville Recovery Center?

Beginning addiction treatment can be very intimidating. The decision to seek professional help means to accept feelings of vulnerability and accountability which can be extremely uncomfortable for the client. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we know that behind every client is an individual, not just an addict, and we can’t wait to meet them.

 In selecting our center, a client is selecting an environment that fully embraces them without judgment or ridicule. Our addiction specialists have life experience in combatting addiction and tailor treatment programs to fit each client and their needs. By combining specific therapies, group activities, and personal time, we aim to cultivate a nurturing environment where clients can feel at ease. 

We know how terrifying confronting addiction can be, especially when faced with an unfamiliar setting and peers. We strive to make every client as comfortable as possible while we walk together down the path to recovery.

What our Addiction Treatment Center Does Differently

The addiction treatment services provided by Asheville Recovery Center differs from the standard model of treatment in several ways. Our addiction treatment program and our outpatient services were founded by people who belong to the recovery community themselves who understand the importance of integrating 12 step models with traditional addiction treatment methods. The inspiration for the environment and philosophy of Asheville Recovery Center was found in the experience of 12 step fellowship and an intimate and loving community which makes us so successful in helping people to recover from addiction. Asheville Recovery Center is not a one-size-fits-all model in which clients are shuffled through predetermined phases or treated with a cookie-cutter approach. Our specialized program is informed by advances in mental health and addiction treatment and we review with each individual all addiction treatment options. At Asheville Recovery Center, each client is a part of the family and a community connected by a common goal and a common passion: healing from addiction through love, care, and accountability.

Who to Choose?

There are countless addiction treatment centers to choose from. It can be a difficult decision to choose the right drug addiction treatment center for yourself or for your loved one, and the choice can feel extraordinarily heavy. In a life or death battle with the disease of addiction, there is a huge level of pressure placed on such a decision. It’s hard to differentiate between every treatment center and program available and to assess which one will best meet the needs of you or your loved one seeking treatment. Everyone is different, and some programs and approaches are more suited to different individuals. How do you know which one is the best choice?

That’s why it’s essential to select a treatment program that places an emphasis on individualized care and tailors treatment plans to each client based on what they need in order to heal and recover. That’s what we specialize in at the Asheville Recovery Center. Each client is a unique, individual human being who deserves care that addresses their needs, whatever those may be. At Asheville Recovery Center, we work to meet individuals where they are and guide them along the path to recovery.

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Comprehensive Care

The founding staff of our addiction treatment center knows personally just how difficult recovery can be, and because of that they designed the program at Asheville Recovery Center to include all of the support services necessary to make the process of treatment as helpful as possible. Individuals have a better chance at success when they have access to a diverse range of therapies that address different needs. Addiction is a complex disease of the body and mind, and helping individuals to recover requires a multi-pronged approach in holistic addiction treatment. That’s what we offer at Asheville Recovery Center. The services and expertise we offer set us apart from facilities that focus on only one or two major aspects of the disease.

12 Step Model Focus

Many treatment centers utilize twelve step participation or encourage participation by clients in these groups, but these programs are offered as an extracurricular, optional activity. At Asheville, twelve step facilitation is a core part of our program. During their stay at our facility, individuals participate in twelve-step fellowships, attend outside meetings in the community, build a sober support network of people in long-term recovery, and are encouraged to get sponsors and begin working their steps while in treatment.

Tough Love and Compassion

We believe that people in early recovery must be held accountable for their choices and begin to take responsibility for rebuilding their lives. However, we also believe that this “tough love” must be matched with compassion and care in a family setting. Our clients form tight-knit communities of peers who serve each other by holding one another accountable, but also by being a safety net for each other during this sometimes difficult process. Our staff is trained in pushing clients to confront deeply ingrained negative behaviors and attitudes, but they also hold a deep level of compassion and empathy for people trapped in the pain of addiction. As people in recovery ourselves, we know that healing requires the right balance of accountability and love, and we seek to provide that by helping our clients find their place in our recovery family.

Long-Lasting Connections

When clients graduate our programs, they aren’t sent out into the world to fend for themselves and forgotten about by our staff or our community. Recovery is about connection, and for us, that means maintaining that connection with our clients throughout their entire recovery journey and for as long as they wish to stay in contact with us. We offer aftercare that combines therapy, psychiatric care, and social support. Our clients will always have a home at Asheville Recovery Center. We maintain connections with our clients by offering referrals to any services they need after completing our addiction ad trauma treatment program and by keeping our own doors open to them at any time. Clients who graduate from Asheville Recovery Center will always have access to therapy, doctor’s appointments, alumni meetings, and check-ins. No matter where our clients are in their recovery journey, they are family to us. We care about how they are doing, and they will always have a home here at Asheville Recovery Center.

Asheville Recovery Center is built on the philosophy that our clients truly matter as much as our closest friends and family. At our drug addiction treatment center, it is not about simply checking off boxes or completing a pre-set treatment plan- it’s about healing individuals mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that they can live free of the pain of addiction.

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