Group Therapy and Individual Therapy

group therapy Asheville NC

What are the Differences between Individual and Group Therapies for Drug Addiction in Asheville, NC? A drug dependent individual may have recourse to two possible methods of treatment: individual therapy or group therapy. Both methods involve a patient/s and a therapist communicating with one another as means to address the causes and dangers of drug…

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Is Alcohol A Drug?

is alcohol a drug Asheville recovery centers

If you ask someone who uses alcohol whether it is a drug, the answer will probably be no, but you can’t really blame them because society does not categorize alcohol as a drug. This can clearly be seen when people are discussing drugs, and the topic will most likely be about the use of alcohol…

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What Are The Differences Between Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction?

drug abuse and drug addiction recovery Asheville NC

Drug abuse and drug addiction are often confused as most people believe that they mean the same thing. Though they are closely related, there is a great difference between them. Because they mean two different things, dealing with each one of them requires a different kind of approach, and that is the main reason why…

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What are the Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction in North Carolina?

cocaine addiction rehab Asheville NC

What are the Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction in North Carolina? Cocaine addiction is a common form of substance abuse and dependency that affects millions of susceptible individuals worldwide. Cocaine, also known as coke, is a stimulant drug derived from the coca plant.  The leaves are then processed into a powder, which can be snorted or…

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Discovering the Dangers of Being a Functioning Drug Addict?

functioning drug addict Asheville NC

What’s a functioning drug addict? Surely, you’ve heard the term before. You might even know someone who seems to be one. But, what exactly does it mean? Well, the definition of a functioning addict might be different for everyone. However, no matter how you define it, saying that someone is a functioning drug addict is…

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Exploring Different Methods of Alcohol Addiction Therapy

Alcohol Addiction Therapy Asheville NC

Living with an addiction problem isn’t easy. Your body becomes dependent on a substance and feels like it can’t function without it. This is physically and mentally exhausting. But, there are several ways to become free from that lifestyle. Many people have found complete freedom through alcohol addiction therapy and treatment. Of course, everyone has…

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What Are All the Stages of Drug Addiction?

stages of drug addiction Asheville NC

Addiction comes in several different forms. It shows itself in both young people and older people. Those who suffer from it are sometimes unaware that they have a problem. The cause of addiction is different for everyone. Some may become addicted to pain medication because of chronic pain. Others may go through depression or feel…

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Getting Over a Pain Medication Addiction With Pain Management

Pain Medication Addiction Asheville NC

Millions of people are living with chronic pain. It causes many individuals to be very uncomfortable every day. There is a large amount of prescriptions available for dealing with the pain. Unfortunately, these pain meds are known for causing people to become dependent on them. And, those who have a pain medication addiction often find…

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Learning About the Different Types of Drug Addiction

types of drug addiction Asheville NC

Addiction plagues families all across the United States. Millions of Americans struggle with some sort of substance abuse every year. It’s easy to place all of these into one category. But, there are actually various types of drug addiction. And, because of this, it’s important to become more aware of what causes these addictions. It’s…

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