Aftercare & Your New Path

Addiction is a lifelong condition, therefore it requires lifelong maintenance. Addiction treatment aftercare at Asheville Recovery Center provides individuals who have graduated from a program the same access to treatment services they enjoyed as clients. Continued therapy, alumni groups, and sober living referrals are just a few of our aftercare services provided so that all individuals have the tools for a sustainable recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong journey and aftercare services can provide you with resources you may need after treatment graduation.

Many people imagine that attending treatment programs for their addiction will be the cure-all to their condition. Unfortunately, many find out that a quick stay at a facility or attending an IOP is not enough and end up relapsing in early recovery. At Asheville Recovery Center, we understand that the more treatment an individual receives, the higher their chance at attaining a lifetime of sobriety and successful recovery. This is why we offer an extensive aftercare program for every individual who wishes to give themselves the best chance of achieving a successful recovery after they have completed drug and alcohol rehab.

What is Addiction Treatment Aftercare?

Aftercare is caring for individuals who have completed some kind of drug and alcohol rehab already. Whether you have completed a stay at a facility, partial hospitalization program, or any of our specific treatment tracks, aftercare can always be beneficial to you. Aftercare at Asheville Recovery Center allows patients who want to stay involved with a recovery community post-treatment tracks to continue to receive the services that were provided to them throughout treatment. This includes options such as individualized therapy, group therapy, medication management, and dual diagnosis treatment.

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How does Aftercare for Addiction Work?

Aftercare provided by Asheville Recovery Center is a fully outpatient service developed by a client’s appointed case manager. This means that individuals seeking aftercare services will utilize the program while living from home or a sober living facility. Our aftercare treatment program includes various individual and group therapies, alumni program participation, 12-step support meetings, and much more. Upon graduation from one of our intensive treatment programs, individuals are assessed to determine the best aftercare plan for them based on their past addiction treatment experiences and current needs.

Benefits of Aftercare Services

Treatment isn’t successful unless the individual struggling with addiction is prepared to live a life in recovery. This doesn’t happen overnight, or even during a 30-day stay at a rehabilitation facility. Research and experience prove that the longer a person gets help for addiction, the higher their chance for recovery success. Completing treatment and being thrown back into society without having developed coping skills is dangerous. Most overdose deaths occur directly following a stay in treatment. Aftercare allows individuals to receive the ongoing support they need while also assimilating back into society.

Sober Living Referrals

Have you completed a stay at an addiction treatment center or completed an outpatient program and need ongoing support and a place to live? Sober living homes are a great option to help individuals assimilate back into society with the guidance, support, and accountability of peers and an addiction specialist. If you are looking for a gender-specific sober living option as an aftercare service, Asheville Recovery Center can point you in the direction of a compassionate sober living program that will meet all of your recovery needs when the time comes.

Asheville Aftercare

Need Aftercare Services?

Have you completed an addiction treatment program and are looking for continued support? Aftercare services at Asheville Recovery Center can help! You don’t have to struggle to apply what you have learned in treatment alone! Let us guide you and support you during this time in early recovery so that you may have the tools you require to be successful on your newfound journey.