Addiction is difficult to deal with

We offer a number of programs to meet the recovery needs of any individual with any addiction.

Our mission is to help individuals struggling with substance abuse live higher quality lives by confronting underlying causes of addiction so healing can commence. Asheville Recovery Center is one of many addiction treatment centers that understands addiction affects each individual specifically and personally, so we also understand that addiction treatment services should meet the needs of each individual seeking help for addiction specifically. Upon enrollment into our outpatient addiction treatment programs, patients undergo thorough assessments to determine which treatment programs will best suit their recovery needs. If it is determined that a patient requires pretreatment services like detoxification, we can provide a list of reputable references within our extensive addiction treatment network. Whatever you need to tackle addiction, we will make sure that it is available to you!

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What are Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services?

Available Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services 2All of the programs at Asheville Recovery Center are outpatient. This means that all services provided are during the day, and patients do not stay overnight like the average residential treatment facility. Outpatient addiction treatment has many benefits. People seeking help with their addiction come from all walks of life. Those with families that require daily care, careers, and are actively enrolled in school will find it challenging to leave everything behind to attend a residential facility for 30 days or more. Outpatient services are available in the daytime, so patients enrolled can tend to daily responsibilities each night throughout treatment. Often times, outpatient services are a perfect selection for individuals who have already completed a stay at a residential facility with inpatient programs that need further help on their recovery journey. Additionally, many individuals who attend a residential facility have found it challenging to assimilate back into daily life after a stay in overnight rehabilitation. Outpatient services allow you to practice what you are learning each day in addiction treatment, so you feel more comfortable with the process and learn to develop skills necessary to stay sober.

12 Step Approach to Treatment

Asheville Recovery Center utilizes a 12 step approach to addiction treatment. This approach, along with useful holistic and traditional therapy methods, helps individuals struggling with addiction to understand more about their behaviors, health, and recovery community. The 12 step approach is one that identifies that an individual is not alone throughout the recovery process because the support of others is extremely valuable to the healing process of addiction. Additionally, it allows individuals to examine their own lives and how addiction has affected their wellbeing and that of those around them. This induces a changed lifestyle so treatment patients have a higher chance of long-term recovery success.

Dual Diagnosis at Addiction Treatment Centers

Available Outpatient Addiction Treatment ServicesMany individuals who seek help with addiction through treatment struggle with both addiction and a mental health disorder. Mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder are among the most commonly recognized. They can either develop before or after active addiction takes place, but they always play a in addictive tendencies. We work to determine any psychological issues that may hold an individual back from receiving the healing they require to live a life of sobriety and work on them throughout therapy methods. Additionally, on-site we have a clinical pharmacist that can assist with any psychological medication prescriptions and medication management for those that require further mental health treatment. Tackling mental health issues allows room for individuals to be motivated on their path to recovery.

Not your Average Addiction Treatment Services

The average addiction treatment centers will try to wow guests with high-end amenities and vacation-like luxury, but Asheville Recovery Center does not. We have a true passion for helping people with addiction live confidently sober, and that includes addiction treatment services we know to work. Our facility is funded and run by people who are in recovery themselves, so we understand what benefits patients when it comes to addiction treatment. We offer a loving and supportive environment while also holding our patients accountable throughout treatment so that they are set up for success outside of our facility walls. After all, addiction treatment is meant to help individuals get better. We’re more about helpful addiction techniques that really work and a realistic outlook on addiction recovery than a fancy facade.


Our Asheville Center is located on Old Burnsville Hill Road in Asheville, NC. It is situated off Riverside Drive. Our facility is located minutes away from the University of North Carolina Asheville, the Biltmore House, Asheville Regional Airport, the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, and WNC Nature Center. We serve the Greater Asheville Area including Woofin, Weaverville, Boon, Burnsville, Leicester, Candler, Canton, Arden, Fletcher, and Swannanoa. As well as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Durham, Fayetteville Raleigh, Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston.

Coming from Charlotte, NC: From I-85 S take exit 10B to merge onto US-74 W towards Kings Mountain/Shelby. Continue on US-74 W for 33 miles until US-74 W turns slightly right and becomes I-26 W/US-74 W. In 34.4 miles, keep right at the fork to stay on I-26W and follow the signs for interstate 26 W/Asheville/Interstate 240. In 4.1 miles, use the left lane to take exit 4A for US 19/US 23/US 70W/Interstate 26 towards UNC Asheville/Weaverville. Continue for 1.6 miles and take exit 25 toward NC-251/Asheville/University of North Carolina. After 0.2 miles, take a sharp left onto Broadway St and continue onto Riverside Dr for 0.6 miles where you will turn right onto Old Burnsville Hill Road and Asheville Recovery Center will be on the right.

Coming from Winston-Salem, NC: From I-40BUS W/US-158 W/US-241 N use the left two lanes to merge onto I-40 W toward Statesville. In 135 miles, take exit 58B for Interstate 240 W/US 74 Alternate W toward Asheville. In 0.4 miles, keep left and follow the signs for UNC Asheville and merge onto I-240 W. Take exit 4A in 5.1 miles for US 19 M/US 70 W/Interstate 26 toward Weaverville/Woodfin. In 1.5 miles take exit 25 toward NC 251/Asheville/University of North Carolina. Then make a sharp left turn onto Broadway St and continue onto Riverside Dr for 0.6 miles. Turn right onto Old Burnsville Hill Rd and Asheville Recovery Center will be on the right.

Coming from Greenville, SC: From US-276 use the right lane to merge onto US-25 N via the ramp to Asheville. In 4.2 miles continue straight to stay on US-25 N for 22.6 miles. Use the left two lanes to take the US 25N/Interstate 26 W exit. In 0.6 miles merge onto I-26 W/US-25 N for 22.3 miles. Then keep right at the fork to stay on I-26 W and follow the signs for Interstate 26 W/Asheville/Interstate 240. In 4.1 miles, use the left lane to take exit 4A for US 19/US 23/US 70 W/Interstate 26 toward UNC Asheville/Weaverville. In 1.5 miles, take exit 25 toward NC-251/Asheville/University of North Carolina. Take a sharp left turn onto Broadway St in 0.2 miles then make a right turn onto Old Burnsville Hill Rd. Asheville Recovery Center will be on the right.

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