If a person you love is a drug user, they need expert help. Know how to look for the signs of meth use. Methamphetamine is found in many parts of the country and is highly addictive.


Parents, siblings and family members must spot these signs of meth abuse. They are the first line of defense any user has. If you can tell that someone you love is using, you have the chance to save their life.

Finding methamphetamine in someone’s possessions is a surefire sign of drug addiction. Meth appears as a white or tan crystal type powder. The crystals may be large chunks. But, methamphetamine can also be a liquid.

Because it comes in various forms, there are many ways to ingest meth. Signs of methamphetamine use include broken pens. Razor blades, small pipes, and lighters are common too. You can’t count on finding crystal powder in a small bag. Drug addicts are crafty. They will use common items to smoke meth. They can use common items to snort too.

Signs of Meth Binging

Most methamphetamine users will binge for days. But, that means they can go long stretches of time without using. People who use meth will often use these stretches of being clean as an excuse to binge again. When binging, your loved one may use every few hours.

If your loved one is binging, you will notice:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Nervous actions
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lack of sleep
  • General laziness

These signs are often overlooked. Sometimes drug users will use traumatic events to excuse the signs of drug use.

You may have heard your child or sibling talking about meth. Methamphetamine has many names including speed and chalk. If you’ve heard your loved one talking about meth, offer help immediately.  Many drug users rely on meth for self-medication. A meth user may have untreated ADHD, or anxiety.

Drug Addiction

A sign of drug addiction is sweating. This symptom of meth addiction usually goes unnoticed. But, drug addicts usually run with a lot of body heat. Body changes include high blood pressure and dilated pupils.

Methamphetamine is one of the worst drugs available. The drug uses a variety of deadly chemicals. These chemicals take their toll on the body quickly. The most immediate sign is “meth mouth.”

When a drug user smokes meth, they damage their teeth. But even if they inject the drug they eventually get meth mouth. The saliva in their mouth dries up, and their teeth rot. Meth mouth happens after weeks or months of use.

These physical signs should catch your attention. But many families don’t notice the addiction until much later. Look for patterns of money spending. A loved one spending days sleeping is another common sign.

Caring for a Home

Methamphetamine users are unable to make good choices. Poor judgment and a risky lifestyle are part of methamphetamine use. The drug addiction takes over everything. This pattern means that parents who are drug users often neglect their children.

If you believe the person you love is a user, their children need proper care. You need to make sure that children do not experience neglect or abuse. Neglect of their home and jobs comes with the addiction. After a binge or run, a user will pass out for hours. This crash is a sign of drug addiction. The crash is when neglect of life duties occurs. Find help for drug addiction in Asheville, NC.

What if the Meth User Rejects Help?

Many drug users blame the person helping them. They may claim that your point of view is not right. But the signs of methamphetamine are easy to spot. Meth is addictive within only a few uses.

Often an intervention is necessary. Methamphetamine users cannot rely on programs that don’t hold them accountable. They will not get better without external help. An expert drug rehab center will help your loved one through the process.

The best you can do if the user rejects help is to keep trying to get them into treatment. Many family members will accept that they will change without treatment. That is not the case. Users can go through dry spells and will use these to show that they are “clean.”

Don’t buy into a drug addicts lies. Schedule an intervention and guide them into the treatment they need. People on meth will not seek out help on their own. But, they need a treatment program. Drug rehab centers help end addiction. Get your loved one into rehab.

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