Drug Rehab in Asheville

The disease of addiction is complicated.  It may seem, through the eyes of someone who has never struggled with drug addiction, that behavior during active addiction is a choice, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If it were just about will to quit and being strong enough to quit, most people would just quit. But for an individual within the grips of active addiction, the decision seems to be made for them. That individual must make the decision to do something different once the consequences are great enough. A drug treatment center is often the way for one to go once the decision to stop has been made. The Asheville Recovery Center can offer the suffering addict the various things one needs in a drug treatment center. Our local facility is designed to be a place of safety and healing for those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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How Your Brain Reacts to Drugs

It starts with the “reward center” in the brain.  Think back to how you felt at one time another when you did well at something or something that made you happy.  It could be a grade, a race, it may even be something simple like a funny movie or seeing someone you love. When that feeling of joy enters your brain, the brain’s receptors release a naturally occurring chemical called dopamine.  Dopamine is what allows you to feel happiness and pleasure. It is what motivates individuals to continue doing the things that create a positive, rewarding feeling.

Drugs cause an excessive release of dopamine, which is what leads people to do drugs over and over again.   As an individual repeats drug use, the brain slowly shifts to become dependent on the drug to release dopamine and little by little the brain loses the ability to produce dopamine altogether.  This is where building up a tolerance comes into play. The first high was so euphoric because the brain was able to produce dopamine easily.  As that ability decreases with each high, more drugs are needed to produce enough dopamine to get high.  At this point, the brain has adjusted to the need to make less dopamine naturally, because the drugs are doing the job of dopamine production.  Two things are now happening:  More drugs are needed to create an effective high and those things in life that once caused a genuine natural feeling of happiness (friends, family, activities), are no longer bringing the same joy.

The brain has changed because drugs have compromised the production of dopamine.  Other areas of life will likely become affected too, such as sound judgment and decision making, the ability and desire to learn, day to day interactions with friends, family and strangers, and memories.

Most people are aware that these things are happening, but by the time the drug addiction gets to this point, the damage is done.  Despite the harmful effects of drug use, the addiction is so powerful that the negative aspects take a back seat to the desire to get high.

Common Drug Addictions

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of legal or illegal drugs available that can create an addiction.  We have the drug addiction experts here at Asheville Recovery Center who are trained in addictions to specific drugs which include but are not limited to:

Opiates and Opioids

North Carolina is unfortunately very familiar with the opioid epidemic that has swept across the east coast.  From 2015-2016, there was a 39% rise in opioid-related deaths in North Carolina alone.


This highly addictive substance is readily available, and a high number of Americans have admitted to trying this drug, often referred to as crystal meth, at least once in their lifetime.   It elicits a 6-16 hour high and can be used in many forms: crushed, smoked, inhaled, injected, snorted, or swallowed.  The long-term effects of crystal meth – even after treatment – include memory problems and emotional distress.


Heroin comes brown or white powder, or a black and sticky substance sometimes referred to as “black tar.”  It can be inhaled via the nasal passages, injected or smoked. Some users enhance heroin’s effect by “speedballing,” which is when heroin is combined with cocaine or methamphetamine for an exaggerated euphoric effect.  As heroin is used more frequently, a tolerance is built, so it will take more and more heroin to achieve the right “high.”

Drug Rehab in Asheville

Crack and Cocaine

Although it is derived from a plant predominately grown in South America, there is nothing “wholesome” about these drugs.  The difference between the two is the production. Cocaine is a white powder that can be snorted or injected, while crack is a hardened, crystallized substance that is typically smoked. Crack is made from cocaine, by boiling water and baking soda then cooking it with the cocaine. So, they are essentially the same drug, but in different forms and with different applications.


Although not named as an official “addictive drug,” marijuana is a problem because users can become dependent on its psychological effects.  Marijuana is often used in conjunction with other drugs or serves as a gateway to other forms of drugs. It should be especially avoided by those who suffer from schizophrenia, as marijuana use can worsen those symptoms. It can also lead to an increase in appetite, lower blood pressure, and increased heart rate.  When an individual with pre-existing health conditions uses this drug, those symptoms can become worse, putting them at risk for more serious side effects.


These drugs are typically chemical-based household products that can create a high when inhaled. In most cases, these drugs are used by soaking a cloth in the inhalant of choice, placing it near the face and sniffing.  This process is known as “huffing.” Huffing creates a high that often marks the beginning stages of other more serious drug experimentation that in many cases leads to addiction.

We Understand Your Addiction – Which Is Why Our Drug Treatment Center Works

Drug treatment – no matter where you get help – is a wonderful thing.  You need to take the time to investigate the drug rehab centers that seem like a good fit for you.  Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we have a personal connection to drug rehab and understand first hand what it takes to get clean.

The founders of the Asheville Recovery Center have experienced addiction.  They know first hand how it affects your life on every level and how it affects your friends and family.  Because they are so thankful for a life of sobriety, the founders decided to give back the community and are now committed to helping others – just like you – get their lives back on track.

Here at Asheville Recovery Center, you’ll be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve.  Being a drug addict doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of love, support, care, and guidance. The founders know how damaging negativity can be to your recovery process, so the foundation of the treatment is that it is not a privilege to live a life without addiction… it is right.  We’ll give you the tools to achieve lifelong sobriety because you deserve it.

The Drug Treatment Center Plan

Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we tailor fit a drug rehab plan that is right for you by utilizing evidence-based therapeutic methods. There are several options when determining which drug treatment program is right for you and your lifestyle.  We have both inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and even an “in-between” option for transitioning from one program to another.

Drug Rehab in Asheville

However, before any treatment program can begin, whether it be inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab, detox must take place.  This is a non-negotiable requirement before treatment can begin so the withdrawal symptoms are virtually non-existent. We highly recommend medical detox.  While at-home detox can happen successfully, medical detox comes with a full support system to help manage the effects of withdrawal.  Without medical support, the incidence of relapse before the official treatment begins is significantly higher.

We will provide information for referral programs with our partner organizations that provide this service. Once detox is complete (it typically takes 5-7 days), treatment at Asheville Recovery Center can begin.

Inpatient Rehab

The inpatient rehab option at Asheville Recovery Center is called Residential Treatment.  This program is the most effective in helping our clients establish a life of sobriety.   The program is successful because:

  • It allows the individual to focus solely on their journey to sobriety with no outside distractions.
  • Care is available 24-7 from medical staff and support teams who are there specifically to help rid you of your drug addiction.
  • The program is structured, so you know what to expect and when.
  • The methods are tried and true, which include individual and group therapy and family counseling along with the option of holistic therapy.

Outpatient Rehab

Other treatment options for outpatient rehab include the Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP and the Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP.

PHP is for the individual who wants to live at home or in a different sober living environment but still wants to partake in the therapies and methods offered in Residential Treatment. This is best utilized after Residential Treatment has been completed but has been effective for those with addictions that don’t require 24-7 care.

With IOP, the individual will take part in all rehab therapies and methods as if it were a day job, from 9-5.   With this program, the services include

  • Continued supervision and support to encourage accountability
  • Clinical support from medical staff
  • Full access to family and individual counseling and other proven drug treatment methods
  • Peer to peer contact and support

After Treatment

Once you have completed your drug rehab at the drug treatment center, we are still here for you.  We’re family and we’re in this sobriety journey together. Just because treatment comes to an end doesn’t mean your time with us has.  We are committed to you and your sobriety for the long haul because you deserve it. Living a full, happy life is your right, and we’re here to help you indefinitely.

It can be difficult to adjust to life after treatment in any drug treatment center.   Yes, you lived a life without drugs at one point, but once the drugs took over, the ability to get back to normal didn’t seem within reach.  The drugs and addiction simply took over your life.  Not anymore.  Because we know getting back to normal can be difficult and sometimes hard to adjust to, we’re here.  You have a place where you can go that is safe and comfortable with people who have the job of supporting your new, sober life.  The successful therapies and methods used in your recovery are still available once you conclude your drug treatment at Asheville Recovery Center and we’ll help you decide which programs will best support your new, clean life that is now free from drugs.

Getting Help Starts Today

If you need help getting treatment for your drug addiction, we’re here for you.  We know addiction on a personal level and what it takes to get sober. Living a clean life after addiction is more fulfilling than you can ever imagine.  Looking for the right drug treatment center is a huge step. You’re already on your way to living a drug-free life.

Now all you have to do is take the next step.  We’re one phone call away and will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.  You’re probably ashamed of your addiction, but you don’t have to be when you choose the drug treatment center at Asheville Recovery Center.  We get it. We’ve been where you are right now and we have a team dedicated to your health and well-being not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our drug treatment center has all the proven programs, therapies, and methods already in place and will customize each area of treatment according to both your wishes and what is working best for you.  We’ll also support your family and help in healing those relationships that have been damaged because of your drug addiction.  You’re one phone call away from the sober life you deserve, and we’ll be with you each step of the way through the drug treatment center and after when you return to a responsible, productive life.