For those with loved ones who have an opioid addiction, it can be difficult to understand what they’re going through. Sometimes, the best way to understand addiction is to consume media that truly reflects what it’s like to be an addict. There are tons of movies out there that depict opioid addiction, but it can be difficult to find media that depict it accurately.  

This list contains five of the best films about opioid addiction, including both documentaries and fictional films. These movies are great for loved ones looking to learn more, or addicts looking for films to watch to better understand addiction and how it can affect people. 

1. Understanding the Opioid Epidemic 

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic is a great movie to watch if you’re looking to learn more about the opioid epidemic and how it affects the United States. This film is a documentary that was produced and written by John Grant for PBS. It’s approximately an hour long and it traces the opioid epidemic back to its roots, citing how it started and how it has resulted in many, many deaths over the past decade. 

This documentary uses interviews to document the opioid epidemic, speaking with police officers, physicians, addicts, and families to get the entire picture. Understanding the Opioid Epidemic also talks about treatment options and solutions as the film comes to a close. 

2. Trainspotting

Trainspotting is an incredibly popular fictional film that details the lives of heroin users. This film is popular amongst addicts and non-addicts for its incredibly accurate depiction of heroin usage and how it affects not only the user but the people around them. Trainspotting is an adaptation of a 1993 novel that gained popularity in the literary community. The film is also known to be a cult classic, for similar reasons. 

Trainspotting’s creators have referenced the film as an “anti-drug” movie, and it’s easy to see why. The characters are messy and often get themselves into bad situations because of their drug use. It’s not the kind of film that glorifies drug use, making it a great option for addicts and families alike. 

3. Heroin(e)

Heroin(e) is a Netflix original documentary that shares the stories of three women on the front lines of the opioid epidemic in West Virginia. In Huntington, West Virginia, the rate of overdose from opioids is 10 times the national average. 

This documentary was both Oscar and Emmy nominated, and it’s not only a great watch but an educational one. It speaks on the struggle to buy naloxone and how opioid users become addicted to heroin and other opioids in the city of Huntington. This is a great film to watch if you’re looking to learn more about the epidemic through the eyes of the people experiencing it firsthand. 

4. One Nation, Overdosed

Jacob Soboroff from MSNBC investigates the role that opioids have played in America’s drug crisis in this 45-minute long documentary that originally aired in 2017. Soboroff interviews drug addicts, their families, law enforcement, and coroners throughout the documentary in order to better grasp the opioid epidemic and how it affects people. 

He also talks about how easy it is for people to obtain drugs, and he attempts to order fentanyl off the internet. This deeply insightful documentary is a great watch for those looking to learn more about opioids and the hold they have on the American people. 

5. Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood is another great documentary that showcases William Eliot Hurwitz, one of the most prolific drug distributors in American history. To many, he’s known as a great physician who helped many people. To others, he’s known for being a key player in the opioid epidemic. This documentary talks about his role and life throughout the beginning of the epidemic. 

Treatment for Opioid Addiction 

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