Recovering from a benzo addiction is a rough road for many, that often ends in relapse. However, setbacks can be unplanned, and may simply be the result of an impulse. The good news is that recovery is possible even if you have gone through a setback. Many people go back to sobriety after relapsing. 

If you are reading this, perhaps you fear that you or someone you know is headed towards a relapse. We at Asheville Recovery Center want you to understand that you should never feel like a failure if this happens. Relapse is simply a learning opportunity that teaches you how to live your life sober. Here are five signs that you may be headed towards a relapse. 

1. You Are Pushing Away People That Care About You

Do you become defensive when someone wants to talk to you about you using Xanax? Maybe it is because deep down you don’t want them to know that relapse is right around the corner. When you are about to relapse, you may begin to isolate yourself emotionally, pushing away those that care about you the most. You may stop going to any support groups or meetings that you had been frequenting so that you don’t have to explain what you are going through. 

2. You Believe It’s Safe for You to Take Xanax Again

Perhaps you began taking Xanax because it was legitimately prescribed to you by your doctor as an anti-anxiety medication. However, it became a problem for you when you began to take more than was prescribed and you developed a benzo addiction. At this point, perhaps you sought out help for it and stopped taking Xanax altogether. 

Now that you are sober again, perhaps you see yourself back at square one, where you were before you began taking Xanax in the first place. Are you thinking about taking Xanax again because you believe that it might be safe for you to do so? If so, you are only fooling yourself. Taking Xanax now only means that you are going into relapse mode. 

3. You Are Having Depressed, Anxious, or Destructive Thoughts

If your thoughts and feelings are shifting toward a negative frequency, you likely are still dealing with symptoms of Xanax withdrawals. You may be feeling quite angry or irritable towards others. Your anxiety levels may be high, from your benzo craving or you may be feeling severely depressed. 

4. You Aren’t Eating Well or Taking Good Care of Yourself

Letting your personal hygiene decline is a pretty clear sign to the world that you are preoccupied with something else in your life, rather than taking good care of yourself. The same goes for eating right. If you are getting too thin because you aren’t eating well, it is going to become evident to others that you have already relapsed. 

5. You Are Missing Work or Other Personal Responsibilities

This sign is also likely to happen after you have already physically relapsed. It is going to be really hard for you to care about fulfilling your personal responsibilities when you get wrapped up in your addiction again. It is difficult to hide something that changes you for the worst in so many different ways. 

Xanax Addiction Rehabilitation at Asheville Recovery Center

We at Asheville Recovery Center want you to understand that we are not here to judge you for your mistakes, past or present. Even if you are in relapse within your recovery, our goal is to bring you back to a place of serenity within yourself. Deep within, you know that a benzo addiction does not serve your greater good. Call us today and we will help you get back on track. 

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