Heroin addiction treatment starts with big changes. The chance to have a fulfilling life is possible. Treatment for addiction at the Asheville Recovery Center focuses on success. Our primary focus is getting you addiction free so that you can enjoy the life you are meant to have.

Heroin Addict

A heroin addict will go through severe withdrawals. Facing withdrawals is the sign that you need help. You need an expert treatment center. In-patient programs have the best success rate. With the highest chance for a drug-free life, a treatment center works with you.

The first step for any heroin addict is detoxing. Doctors and rehab centers know the risk of detoxing alone. It is best to detox with medical supervision. There are pills available to help ease discomfort through this process.

Many heroin addicts benefit from therapy. During and after detox, therapy is helpful. Therapy can help to identify the issues that led to heroin abuse. Any heroin addiction treatment program will include some treatment.

Heroin Addiction in NC

Heroin addiction is instant. The NIDA found that 23% of users become addicted. That is nearly 1 in 4 people. Treatment is possible and can be successful. Heroin users have a chance at a drug-free life. But it’s important to know how heroin addiction begins. From the first use, the brain diverts from its standard pathways. This new pathway is a direct link to addictive behaviors. After the instant effect, the high can last for hours. During this high, the drug affects the brain in many ways.

Heroin manipulates the brain cells causing long-term damage. These are the same effects that drive people to the drug again and again. The drug clogs or blocks many receptors in the brain. Heroin addiction treatment relies on identifying this pattern. Users must overcome the withdrawals. But, withdrawals are difficult to overcome on your own. The addiction itself may be a lifelong experience. A heroin addiction treatment center can help you through this process.

Dangers of Heroin

Without heroin addiction treatment, a person will damage 4 primary life systems. The nervous, breathing, digestive, and heart systems sustain damage with every use. Each use of heroin runs the risk of the breathing system shutting down or stopping. Every hit has the chance of stopping your breath.

The heart system is at risk with heroin use. A heroin addiction treatment centers identity that injecting any drug affects overall health. Because a user will inject the drug, they damage their veins and risk infection.

The digestive system is not usually talked about among addicts. Common ailments for heroin addicts are constipation and bloating. These issues that come with drug use can lead to medical emergencies.

Heroin’s effect on the nervous system is what drives most people to addiction. The brain takes on a deep and restful state. But, long-term use of heroin breaks down the brain. Without treatment, a user will lose the ability to make decisions. A user may not regulate their behavior. Erratic behavior is a key symptom of heroin abuse.

Heroin Addiction Treatment in NC

Inpatient heroin rehab lasts depending on the severity of the addiction. Many heroin recovery centers use a combination of treatment for a successful life after drugs.

Many people prefer a medicated detox. A detox with medication will help ease pain and illness. These issues come from heroin withdrawal. The National Institute of Drug Abuse found that medical treatment helps build success. They acknowledge that easing cravings and reducing the physical symptoms helps prevent relapse.

There are 3 options when it comes to pills for heroin addiction. The first is Methadone. This drug is for outpatient programs. It’s a treatment option that makes the user responsible. This pill often doesn’t work.

Subutex is a treatment that masks drug cravings. This treatment causes bad reactions if injected. Finally, Vivitrol which is a once a month injection. Vivitrol works against the heroin existence.

Getting Help with Heroin Addiction Treatment

Pills can only help a heroin addict for so long. The behavior of addiction needs treatment too. Many in-patient programs focus on building self-awareness. Helping development through therapy. A successful therapy plan will help the user move past addiction. Healing is a part of every drug rehab.

Users may build confidence through negative drug tests and skill building. Each patient’s needs vary. This is why it’s important to find the best heroin addiction treatment center. There are a lot of steps to life without heroin. Users will learn to fight the battle of overcoming addiction with a set of tools for success. The tools of therapy and medication will help beat addiction.

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