The media rages about the recently launched memoirs of Elton John. Perhaps the most controversial parts of Me are the artist’s battle with drug addiction and recovery. After several relapses and reaching the final stages of human degradation, the artist managed to recover. He is now one step away from celebrating three decades of sobriety.

For the average reader, his story may seem full of exaggerations meant to draw attention. However, those who have battled drug addiction know better than that and will surely identify themselves at least partially with the artist.

Why are we writing about the story? Because it carries several important lessons, and all addicts should learn from it. Here are the highlights, or the things to remember when considering recovery or struggling to win over your addiction.

3 Lessons to Learn from Elton John’s Story of Drug Addiction and Recovery

1. Addiction Dehumanizes You, Makes Your Hurt Yourself and Others

Elton John recounts not only seizures, but weeks of bender when he would snort cocaine, drink, and grossly neglect his personal hygiene, and even suicide attempts. He admits to treating people badly and being ashamed of what he had become.

All addicts go through these stages. If you have not yet reached the point of hurting yourself and others, it is only a matter of time until you do. Drugs will take the best of you, causing you to waste your life and ruin your relationships. The only way to avoid that is to act early and take the first steps towards recovery.

Just look around you, analyze how you treat people and how you talk to them. Are you really the best person you can be? If you continue to take drugs, you will slowly but surely drive everyone away. They will suffer, you will suffer, and things will get worse by the day. You can continue and wait for the inevitable or start swimming against the stream while you are still strong.

2. You Are Not Alone

Many drug addicts feel that no one will understand what they are going through with drug addiction and recovery. They isolate themselves from the world and, thus, deny themselves much-needed support. John Elton felt the same way but group therapy helped him realize that he was not alone.

Did you break your own principles, did things you are not proud of, and treated people worse than they deserved? You are not the only one. In fact, you are very similar to celebrities like Elton John. Drug addiction does not care about fame and fortune. It finds your weaknesses and exploits them, destroying everything you have ever built.

It acts the same on everyone, men or women, reach or poor, young or old. So there are many more people out there who go through the same pain and trouble. They face the same fears and hardships. Group therapy is a great way to meet those similar to you, to connect with them, to receive and provide unconditional support.

2. Recovery Is Not Easy but It Is Not Impossible Either

Good things come to those who wait and work hard for them. Drug addiction is like cancer. It eats you from within, and healing from it is not easy. Just like cancer, addiction requires difficult to put up treatments and comes with a high risk of relapse. Some give up and lose the fight. Others gather their strengths and keep fighting.

Elton John relapsed several times and his recovery did not take place in a high-end clinic with excellent services. It was more of a boot camp where he endured physical labor and humiliation. He felt like running away, too, but he did not.

It does not matter if this is your first attempt at recovery or you relapsed. It will not be easy, it never is. However, it can be done, especially now, when drug addiction treatments have evolved. There are ways to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms. You can receive therapy and support to accept your past, cope with your present, and embrace your future. All you need is determination, faith in your own strength, and commitment to your recovery.

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