Alcohol affects a great deal of the human system. It affects your brain without anyone knowing until it’s too late. Unlike the liver which is a primary concern with drug abuse, the brain takes a while for the harm to show up. The effects of abuse are sneaky. If you’re worried about the effect of alcohol abuse, seek help in Asheville, NC. We have all the information available on alcohol abuse leading to dementia.

Alcohol Abuse Help in NC

Long-term or chronic drinking can lead to many mental conditions. There isn’t any certain evidence that supports alcohol-induced dementia. But, there is a lot of supporting evidence that suggests the connection. A common diagnosis is Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome comes from alcohol abuse. Korsakoff syndrome is also known as alcoholic dementia.

The long-term use of alcohol has a clear effect on the brain. Use of alcohol does lead to the loss of memory. People seeking alcohol addiction help in NC, have memory loss concerns. The concern comes from ARD. ARD stands for Alcohol-Related Dementia.

An ARD diagnosis can lead to a dementia finding. Get help for alcohol abuse in Asheville, NC. A rehab center will show you how this drug affects the frontal lobe of the brain. Brain cells die, and this type of abuse leads to extreme vitamin deficiencies.

Abuse leads to dementia, memory loss, and brain cell death. This abuse can cause people to stay in hospice for the rest of their life. There are points where issues from abuse make it, so the person can’t speak. Many people will lose their motor function.

Alcohol Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

In Asheville, NC there are a lot of alcohol rehab options. You want to find an option that helps assess brain issues that come with alcohol abuse. These issues do include ARD or dementia. But, they also include general, non-ARD, memory problems. Alcohol abuse effects on the brain lead to anxiety, depression, psychosis, or a person’s behavior.

ARD usually stems from addiction and the actions that come with it through years of abuse. Many people believe that ARD starts with a lack of B1 which gives the body energy. The brain uses a lot of energy, and with a lack of B1, the brain’s cells can change.

There is another factor that leads has shown some connection to alcohol and dementia. Memory loss can also result from damage to the blood vessels. Many alcoholics have high blood pressure and are at a high risk for stroke.

When a person uses alcohol with an addictive notion, there is the risk that they will not be able to make healthy lifestyle choices. Aside from alcohol consumption, many people who abuse alcohol don’t eat properly. Many alcoholics don’t get enough sleep.

Poor diet and sleep habits can both affect the blood vessels and the brain. This level of stress on the brain will lead to long-term damage. When you are ready to seek help, find an alcohol rehab center that keeps your overall health in mind. These rehab centers will know that a good diet and sleep routine will help your recovery. Regain the lost ground with your brain’s health.


A doctor will start your visit with a full exam. They want to rule out any other factor for memory loss. They may also request a brain scan. A brain scan can show shrinkage, damage, and signs of past strokes.

If your brain shrinks, that may lead to an ARD diagnosis. They will ask if you suffer from mild memory loss or loss of reasoning. Even people who have spent years sober can get this diagnosis. Lifestyle is the only way to fight ARD.

ARD is an umbrella term for any type of alcohol-related dementia. But there are many forms of this issue. At the end of the day, each strain of ARD still comes from years of alcohol abuse.

There is Hope

Choosing to stop the alcohol abuse will allow your brain to level out. When your mind is able to recover it can begin balancing its chemicals. The brain cells and nerves will start in on the repair work. The damage is done, but there is the chance to stop dementia from progressing.

Treating ARD does not come with an over-the-counter option. Many people get better. Treatment for ARD starts and ends with lifestyle changes. You will need to enter into a drug treatment center. Giving up alcohol is hard, but your brain is worth the battle.

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