“Why Drug Rehab?” Many addicts are adamant that they can sober up on their own. You might be one of them. If it really was so easy, why are there so many failed attempts to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol? The fact of the matter is that drug rehab is a necessity when it comes to getting sober. No matter what you think you can accomplish on your own, this is a fact.

You may be under the impression that drug rehab is an inconvenience. Maybe you think it is unnecessary. Or, that it will take you away from your responsibilities for too long. Well, the truth is that it is completely necessary. And, if you continue using you will eventually lose all those responsibilities that are so important to you.

The Time Spent in Drug Rehab is a Small Sacrifice

One of the biggest excuses we hear is: “I don’t have time for rehab.” Ok, but you have time to be high or drunk most of the day? If you want to make real change in your life, you have to do things differently from how you have been doing them. For addicts, that starts with alcohol and drug rehab.

You have to understand that your whole entire life depends on your sobriety. Those things you need to attend to – like school, work, family, friends – will all disappear if you keep using drugs or drinking. One simply cannot keep it a secret forever, and eventually, it will find a way to ruin your life. Spending a month or so in rehab is the best thing you can do to hit the reset button. When you get out, everything will be waiting for you just as it was. As a benefit, now you will have a clear, sober mind to help you deal with all of your responsibilities.

Why drug Rehab

Why Drug Rehab Vs. Quitting on Your Own

The facts are out there. Most people who try to quit on their own relapse quickly. Many relapse right away, during the detox period, because the symptoms of withdrawal are too uncomfortable. When you go to drug rehab, you will be given all the tools you need to be as comfortable, safe, and supported as possible while you detox. This includes medication, therapy, and around the clock support and care. When your symptoms are controlled, you have a much better chance at making it through this tough period.

After detox, it is important to continue with treatment. Detox alone isn’t enough to keep you sober. Treatment teaches you how to function without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. It allows you to be far away from the real world and temptation so that you can focus completely on yourself. If you are trying to stay sober and you are still around everything you are used to, you will be much more tempted to relapse. Plus, you’ll be hanging out with the same people who may be bad influences. If you used drugs with them or alcohol, they will have little interest in helping you to stay sober.

Why Drug Rehab is the Way to Go

If you are really serious about getting sober, alcohol and drug rehab will give you the best possible chance at success. If you try it on your own, you are likely to fail. This will start a vicious cycle of wanting to quit, facing the agony of withdrawal, and failing at staying sober. This cycle will affect your psyche and eventually wear you out. Many people give up because of this. Instead, give yourself the best possible chance at success by going to rehab and getting sober the right way. You’ll have a much better outlook for success and a bright and healthier future ahead.

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