Drug abuse and drug addiction are often confused as most people believe that they mean the same thing. Though they are closely related, there is a great difference between them. Because they mean two different things, dealing with each one of them requires a different kind of approach, and that is the main reason why you need to educate yourself on what kind of drug treatment you need in Asheville, NC. In this way, you are able to get the appropriate help needed to get your life back in order.

What is Drug Abuse?

It is defined as the use of drugs in a manner which can be harmful to you for your own personal benefits. You can abuse a drug if you use it in much larger amounts than is recommended or pairing it with other drugs so as to achieve what you need. Someone who abuses drugs can become addicted to it, and if this happens, they need to get into drug rehab so that they can manage their problem.

What is Drug Addiction?

It is a disease that affects the brain such that it is unable to function properly without the drug. When one is addicted to a drug or alcohol, they have a high dependency on the drug to such a point when they are completely unable to live without it.

Major Differences Between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction


When one is addicted to a drug, they become completely dependent on it to function and live. It is for this reason that they require to have it every so often. Normally, they can even forego food and other basic necessities so as to get their drug. However, in drug abuse, the dependency level is lower such that the person is able to function without it. One simply requires the drugs either in large amounts or combined in a way that gives them the kind of effect that they desire.

Drug Addiction is a Disease

Addiction of any kind is considered to be a psychological disease that affects the brain and having it completely hooked on to the drug. The brain is unable to serve its purpose without the drug hence the reason why they need drug treatment. Drug abuse is all about the moment and it rarely seriously affects the brain, it is in no way regarded as an illness.

Withdrawal Symptoms

If you are addicted to any drug, you will have withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using it at drug treatment centers Asheville, NC. This is caused by the brain’s inability to adjust to functioning without the drug. The withdrawal symptoms can last for a long period of time, and they vary from one drug to another. When one is only abusing drugs, there are hardly any withdrawal symptoms and if any, they are less severe and the person may be able to withdraw from the habit on their own. In drug abuse, the brain is usually not hooked to the drugs.

Need to Increase Amounts and/or Frequency Taken

Drug abuse may occur as a result of one using too much of a drug, for example, taking too much alcohol. It is usually a once in a while thing, and even if it is often, it often doesn’t get too much out of hand. Drug addiction, on the other hand, requires that you continually increase the amount of drugs that you use to achieve the same effect that you were achieving with lesser use.

Sole Focus on the Drugs

One loses interest in everything else when he is addicted to drugs. The only thing that they have in mind is where and when they can obtain drugs so that they maintain the effects that they have on them. However, a person who abuses drugs is still able to focus on other aspects of their lives, their performance may not be as great but they still have some control over their actions. The moment they lose their handle on things and are completely dependent on the drugs is when addiction occurs.

Get the Help You Need at Asheville Recovery Center

Drug abuse and drug addiction are addressed and treated differently so that the person can get better. If you or a loved one needs help, you can visit Asheville Recovery Center for drug rehab that is dedicated to helping people struggling with drug abuse and drug addiction in the society. The professionals at the center are well equipped and experienced to ensure that you get the best help possible. You will be given the correct diagnosis and a strategy to help you overcome your problem and to become a productive member of your family and society.

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