Are you or someone you love taking drugs for recreation purposes or to manage pain? Are you worried that the occasional drug use may have turned into an addiction? Drug addiction is on the rise in North Carolina, Buncombe County, and especially Asheville.

Luckily, if your suspicions are confirmed, there are numerous drug addiction treatment options available. But before you look into those, it is important to determine if you or your loved one really need them. There are two ways to find out if you or your loved one should consider joining a drug addiction treatment program.

One of them, involves giving up drugs completely. If you or your loved one are not addicted, it should be easy. The other one involves looking out for signs of drug addiction. We will review  them in the following lines. If you notice them in you or your loved ones, consider requesting help.

Drug addiction

Signs That You Are Addicted to Drugs and Need Asheville, NC Drug Rehab Services

  1. If you were using the drug for medicinal purposes, you continue to take it even though your health problem has resolved and you no longer need it.
  2. You have built tolerance to the drug and you now need a higher quantity in order to obtain the same effect.
  3. If you forget or neglect to take the drug, you feel sick. Perhaps you start shaking, feeling depressed, sweating, or feeling sick to your stomach. You could have headaches, feel exhausted, come down with a fever, or even experience seizures. These are all withdrawal
  4. You find yourself thinking about the drug more and more often. You worry about getting more, count time to your next dose, or contemplate on its effects and consequences, be they good or bad.
  5. Sticking to the prescribed or initial dose is difficult or impossible. You always end up taking more or more frequently than you should.
  6. You start losing in interest in the things you used to enjoy and do regularly.
  7. Activities you used to perform daily, like your work or house chores, are becoming a challenge. You can no longer focus or lack the energy and drive to get them done.
  8. You get behind the wheel or engage in other dangerous activities when you know you should not, like while under the influence of the drug.
  9. When you do not have enough money to pay for your drugs, you borrow or even steal from your friends or loved ones. The fact that you plan to pay them back is not an excuse.
  10. You are trying to hide your drug use and its effects from your loved ones.
  11. Getting along with your co-workers, friends, family members, or teachers becomes more difficult by the day. They are always complaining about things you did or did not do, about changes in your behavior and/or performance.
  12. Your sleeping patterns have changed. Perhaps you find it difficult to get out of bed or you have trouble sleeping.
  13. You eat more or less than you used to and your food preferences have changed considerably.
  14. Your appearance has changed. You may have lost or gained weight, your eyes could be read and foggy, you find yourself shaking for no reason or with an undefined tremor in your body. Your nose could be bleeding frequently or your close ones may have noticed a different pallor in you. Bad breath is a common issue as well.
  15. You have made new friends, with whom you consume drugs or drink, and you distanced yourself from your old friends and your family.
  16. In order to get prescriptions for the drug you see several doctors and you do not mind checking for drugs in other people’s medicine cabinets.
  17. You often mix prescription drugs with alcohol or other drugs they should not be mixed with.

We also have a post written by someone who came to Asheville Recovery Center about their addiction experience. If any of these signs seem familiar, it is probably time you started looking for an Asheville recovery center. If you still have doubts or find it difficult to believe that you are addicted to drugs, confronting your loved ones on the topic could help you assess the truth.

But perhaps someone close to you is in trouble, and you have yet to confirm the situation. Here are some signs of drug addiction you should look out for in others:

Signs That Someone You Know Is Addicted to Drugs and Needs Drug Rehabilitation Services

  1. Personality and mood changes: lack of motivation, anxiety, irritability, inability to focus, etc.
  2. Red eyes and nose
  3. Slurred speech
  4. Shaking body or limb tremor
  5. Sudden and/or major changes in their daily routine
  6. They have a hard time covering their expenses, start selling stuff to get money, or borrow from their friends or loved ones.
  7. Disregard for their appearance and personal hygiene
  8. They start fighting with their friends and families, make new friends, and engage in completely new and different activities.

Get Help with You or Your Loved One’s Drug Addiction Now!

Did you notice any of the above signs in you or a loved one? At Asheville Recovery Center, we have extensive experience with drug addiction treatment and we can help you or your loved one recover. Call Asheville Recovery Center at (828) 398-0181 and schedule a free consultation as soon as possible!

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