Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant and the second-most illicitly trafficked drug in the world. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were an estimated 1.5 million current cocaine users in 2014 alone. If you have ever had cocaine withdrawal, you know that it starts within only a few hours of your last hit. In extreme cases, cravings can last for a lifetime. But, breaking down the timeline for cocaine use will help explain withdrawal.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Within 24 hours of cocaine use, you will begin to crash. The crash is a common side effect of drug use. Using cocaine will keep you awake for hours, or days. When the drug is out of your system, you crash. During this crash, your body will begin to crave more cocaine.

This craving, which can last for the rest of your life, will start the withdrawals. The crash and craving stage might cause a person to sleep deeply for hours. A crash will onset a stream of mood swings.

Unfortunately, after the crash, their cravings slowly build. A drug addict does not immediately want more cocaine. Many coke users believe they are in control of the addiction. A cocaine user will tell people they don’t need help. Drug rehab centers work with these addicts often. They know that addicts need help. They need help before the withdrawals drive them to use more often. A frequent user of cocaine can have withdrawals that last for up to 2 years.

If a person can get to rehab before caving into that craving, they will have minimum cocaine withdrawals. Drug programs help people. They help you learn to know when a craving is taking over. Beating these cravings is the key to living a clean life.

The first week after cocaine use is a craving building up. At first, these cravings seem easy to manage. Many people claim to handle their cravings well. People often think they can control their addiction. The first week after use is easy for many addicts. But, the longer a person waits, the worst the craving gets.

Week 2, 3, and 4 will be full of mood swings, cold sweats, and anger. Many addicts report excess hunger and waves of depression. Friends and family will recognize a drop in energy.


Drug Rehab

The side effects of cocaine withdrawal can last up to 2 years. Many people report a decrease in side effects after 6 months. But, the time depends on the person. Cravings and withdrawal can be severe or mild.

A drug rehab center will help an addict identify a withdrawal. The symptoms vary by person. To help addicts a drug rehab center will start with a detox. When the drug rehab center is sure the person is clean they will begin rebuilding their life.

When you are in drug treatment, you’ll go through behavior therapy. You may also receive medication. Mental health experts spend time in groups and one-on-one. They can help you cope with the long-lasting effects of cocaine withdrawals.

Drug Treatment in NC

If you used often, a cocaine withdrawal could last for years. Almost every user experiences PAWS for 3 to 6 months. PAWS is short for Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. PAWS is the struggle your body experiences when restabilizing. The body needs to recover.

The worst part of withdrawals is depression. Because coke creates a feeling of euphoria, many users feel depressed. Before drug treatment, a drug user will experience suicidal thoughts and agitation. Many people experience big changes in their eating habits. But, most commonly cocaine withdrawals result in anger.

Other side effects include intense dreams and headaches. These side effects range drastically. People who use cocaine more frequently than others will have more severe PAWS effects. People who still use recreationally might not get the bad dreams or suicidal thoughts.

If at any point in time you have suicidal thoughts it is important to seek immediate help.

Get Help

There are many treatment options available. A cocaine detox will lead to withdrawals. But, there are medications available. A doctor might give you pills to ease some discomfort.

Treatment is a chance to find the real cause of drug use. Many people use cocaine to self-medicate. Asheville, NC can be the place for your treatment success.

Drug treatment helps people begin mental health plans to overcome addiction. A drug addict may receive treatment for depression. Other issues like headaches or anger have pill form solutions. These pills help resolve the discomfort leading to fewer relapses.

Drug rehab centers work with people to help them beat addiction. Cocaine withdrawal can last for weeks, months, or years. Drug rehab is the only way to get clean.

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