Living with an addiction problem isn’t easy. Your body becomes dependent on a substance and feels like it can’t function without it. This is physically and mentally exhausting. But, there are several ways to become free from that lifestyle. Many people have found complete freedom through alcohol addiction therapy and treatment. Of course, everyone has different needs during their recovery process. So, there are various types of alcohol addiction therapy, which can offer people the kind of help they need.

Some Information About Addiction

Imagine if you had your first alcoholic drink today. What if you were to simply wake up tomorrow morning with an intense craving for alcohol. What if you, just all of a sudden, felt unable to function without something to drink. Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it? That’s because addictions don’t begin overnight. You don’t become dependent on a substance just because you’ve used it once or twice. Tolerance, dependence, and addiction all happen over a period of time.

An alcohol addiction takes a while to develop. So, a person has to work through something that has been months or even years in the making. This means that the recovery process doesn’t happen extremely fast. It takes time to fully detox and feel the benefits of treatment. One of the ways people treat this problem is alcohol addiction therapy.

Kinds of Alcohol Addiction Therapy

There are a couple of different types of alcohol addiction therapy. Each method offers people a path to recovery. Some of these therapy types can even be used together.

  • Individual Therapy – Some people may go through individual alcohol addiction therapy. This style of treatment includes one-on-one therapy sessions with a specialist. Many times, this kind of therapy can help people to really find the root of their struggle. It can be hard to talk to someone about your struggles when a group of people are around. A therapist can speak directly with the person and discuss personal feelings without other people around them.

  • Group Therapy –  Often, those who have suffered from addiction feel alone in the fight. They feel as if no one can understand what they’re going through. Addiction can make people feel separated from their family and friends. Unfortunately, happens quite a bit. But, thankfully, group therapy can help people who feel this way. This type of therapy allows people to know that they aren’t alone. It involves a group of people in recovery and therapists. In group therapy, you can receive guidance from specialists and other people who have suffered from addiction. People can exchange coping methods and motivation tips. Although it’s hard to openly share your story, group therapy can really help people in recovery.

  • Rapid Resolution Therapy – This is another effective type of alcohol addiction therapy. Addiction sometimes happens as a result of trauma. People who have gone through traumatic situations often feel the negative effects of it. They might have stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and more. This type of individual therapy seeks to find out how that trauma relates to addiction in the individual’s life. It addresses those experiences and helps get rid of the negative feelings that come with them.

  • Holistic Therapy – People who are recovering from an addiction to alcohol can benefit from holistic therapy. This kind of alcohol addiction therapy involves yoga and meditation. Holistic therapy focuses on more than the physical body. It addresses a person’s mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

How Can Asheville Help?

Asheville Recovery Center actually offers all of these types of alcohol addiction therapy. We know that each individual has unique needs. So, we provide various kinds of treatment. It’s our goal to see people completely recover from dependency and addiction. Are you trying to live beyond addiction? Or, do you know someone who is struggling? Give alcohol addiction therapy a try. Give Asheville Recovery Center a try. Give freedom a try. Contact us today!

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