What is Holistic Therapy you ask? Have you been trying to recover from substance abuse for a long time? You’ve probably tried multiple times, using new methods and applying advice from various people. Finding the method that works for you is really hard work. It’s common for recovering drug and alcohol abusers to relapse or at least feel like relapsing. But, you don’t have to be among the people who return to their old way of living. Holistic therapy could change everything for you. You may ask, “What is holistic therapy and what makes it any different than other kinds of therapy?” Allow us to shine some light on the subject.

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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is defined by Oxford as the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. As you probably already know, there are lots of different approaches to therapy. There’s an abundance of suggestions people offer to those who want to stop using drugs. Plenty of therapists have studied and found ways to help people become free from the addictive qualities of drugs and alcohol. One method is known as holistic therapy.

Holistic therapy does not include the us of any medicines. It usually accompanies another traditional style therapy. This type of treatment seeks to help people overcome the cravings of the drugs or alcohol that arise on the road to recovery. It’s also used to improve physical strength as well as the emotional state of the individual.

Things like art therapy, experiential therapy, yoga and exercise, counseling, and massage therapy may all be included in holistic therapy treatment. This kind of therapy can help treat sleep issues and stress that people may experience while trying to recover from substance abuse.

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What Else Does Holistic Therapy Include?

When one is involved in this kind of therapy, he or she may learn daily exercise routines. These routines help build physical endurance. Holistic therapy seeks to provide healing for the body, so, physical activity is great for the recovery process. But, the exercises also help the individual to feel more emotionally healthy.

Holistic therapy also incorporates meditation, which is used to clear the minds of people in recovery. It helps individuals focus and feel more calm. Yoga and tai chi are common ways to achieve this. Massages and are other ways in which holistic therapy works to help the physical and emotional condition of those in recovery.

How Can Holistic Therapy Help?

Your first question was “what is holistic therapy?” No doubt, your next question is, “does it really work?” Yes. Holistic therapy works! This kind of therapy does more than simply making people stop doing drugs. It deals with the root of the problem and helps clear the minds and bodies of people who have struggled with substance abuse. You shouldn’t just do better; you should also feel better. Holistic therapy for drug and alcohol abuse seeks to improve one’s emotional well-being along with his or her physical state. Substance abuse isn’t just a surface issue. It’s not just harmful to the body. It also tears down people’s confidence and ability to think clearly about themselves and the world around them. With this kind of therapy, all of that can change.

We Can Help You

Now that you know about the benefits of holistic therapy, you’re probably wondering where you can go to get this kind of treatment. Well, we offer this therapy here at Asheville Recovery Center. It’s our goal to see people completely recover from the use of drugs. We want to see our patients well, mentally and physically. If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to freedom from substance abuse, just contact us and speak confidentially with a representative. Let us walk with you on the path to a life free of substance abuse. And let’s start today.

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