Addiction plagues families all across the United States. Millions of Americans struggle with some sort of substance abuse every year. It’s easy to place all of these into one category. But, there are actually various types of drug addiction. And, because of this, it’s important to become more aware of what causes these addictions. It’s also good to know about the ways to treat them.

What Are the Types of Drug Addiction?

Here in the U.S., there are a couple of common addictions. Different types of addiction stem from this variety of substances. Some of the drugs that are commonly abused are:

  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines (Meth)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Alcohol

These substances have all proven to be really addictive. People who struggle with dependence to drugs and alcohol will show signs and symptoms of dependence or addiction. Let’s take a look at those signals.

Signs of Addiction

Of course, since there are different substances, the symptoms of addiction will vary. It’s helpful to know the signs of each of these types of addiction. If a loved one begins to suffer from addiction, knowing the signs and symptoms can help you find the best kind of help for them ASAP.

Some people drink a little too much alcohol a little too often. They could be struggling with binge drinking episodes, which is very concerning. But, it’s definitely possible that they’ve developed a tolerance for alcohol, which can lead to physical dependence on the substance. That means the person’s body isn’t able to function well without having something to drink. He or she may have trouble doing important tasks. Some people struggle to get to work or school on time because of their drinking habits. Others might avoid family duties. People who are addicted to alcohol usually drink even though they know it’s becoming a danger to their health.

When a person is addicted to prescription drugs, you may notice that he or she is taking more medication than prescribed.  The person might also begin to try to get more medication, going to other doctors if necessary. They may also show signs of paranoia or anxiety. Some people have trouble focusing or remembering things. They might appear to be drowsy or sleepy a lot. Also, they might be dishonest about how much medication they’ve been taking.

A meth addiction, like all other types of drug addiction, is very critical. One of the most common symptoms people associate with meth addiction is “meth mouth.” People who use this drug usually develop dental and gum damage. They’ll have trouble sleeping and have sudden weight loss.

Cocaine addiction is extremely dangerous. It’s a very addictive drug, so, it can quickly have an effect on people who use it. Like some other types of drug addiction, cocaine addiction causes people to become paranoid and anxious. People who use cocaine also show physical signs of addiction, like twitching, red eyes, weight loss, and signs of overall poor hygiene.

Treatment for Addiction

Just as there are lots of types of addiction, there are many ways to treat these problems. Do you or a loved one have an issue with substance abuse? You’ll need to find a program that treats your problem as unique. Individualized and personal assistance is available here at Asheville Recovery Center.  

Why are we the right facility for you? We are familiar with treating various types of drug addiction. Our staff knows exactly how to get you the help that you need. We have several programs that allow you to find something that works for you. We can help, so don’t wait! Contact us today.

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