What Are Bath Salts? Can I Get Addicted to Them?

Bath Salts

A few years ago, there was lots of media attention surrounding bath salts, the common name given to synthetic cathinones. The drug was being linked to so-called face-eating cannibal attacks in the United Kingdom and the United States. Now that the media frenzy has died down, there is less discussion surrounding these man-made stimulants. However, […]

How to Maintain Long-Term Sobriety

Long-Term Sobriety

People who are at the start of the addiction recovery process often assume that once they detox and undergo treatment, they’ll be cured. However, they soon learn that sobriety is a life-long process and recovery can be difficult over the long-term. Sometimes, even after remaining sober for years, addicts can relapse. Triggers include major life […]

Brief Guide to Replacement Therapy During Opioid Addiction Treatment

Brief Guide to Opioid Replacement Therapy During Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is life-threatening not only for the person suffering from it but also to those around them. Addicts overdose, contract and spread infectious diseases, and even engage in criminal activities to obtain their next dose. Those who try to quit opioids experience severe withdrawal symptoms and usually relapse. That is why addiction treatment is […]

Co-Ocurring Disorders and Common Comorbidities in Patients Treated for Drug Addiction

Common Comorbidities in Patients Treated for Drug Addiction

Patients addicted to drugs often suffer from other illnesses and disorders as well. These are called comorbidities. In some cases, the respective illnesses played an important part in the onset of the drug addiction. In other cases, the addiction created the premises for the comorbidity. When two health conditions coexist or affect the patient at […]

Why Opioid Addiction Treatments Should Follow a Dual Approach: Physical and Psychological

Why Opioid Rehab Programs Should Follow a Dual Approach

More and more Americans become addicted to pain-relieving drugs like morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. As they seek and receive help, it becomes apparent which opioid rehab programs work and which do not. The results available so far suggest that the key to successfully treating opioid addiction is following a dual approach: physical and psychological. […]

How to Recognize and Deal with Opioid Addiction

How to Recognize the Signs of Addiction - Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioids are commonly used to provide pain relief. They diminish the number of pain signals that the body sends to the brain and alter the brain’s response to those signals. They are often prescribed to manage pain in cases involving: Toothaches Dental procedures Severe injuries Surgery Chronic, painful conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia, etc. Severe coughing Taken […]

Benzodiazepine Treatment

Benzodiazepine Treatment

Of all the most commonly abused substances, benzodiazepines are perhaps the most difficult to stop using.  Benzodiazepine belongs to a class of drugs called anxiolytics, used in the treatment of anxiety or insomnia.  Some common benzodiazepines are Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin. Users experience a reduction in stress, euphoria, drowsiness, lack of coordination and dissociation. Benzodiazepines […]

Drug Rehab in North Carolina

Drug Rehab Treatment in North Carolina Asheville Recovery Center

When people hear the word “rehab”, they often think of Florida and California.  These states have some of the highest concentrations of treatment centers in the world.   However, there are other options, one of which is North Carolina.  From the beaches of Wilmington, to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina is quickly becoming the […]

Holistic Recovery Programs

Holistic Recovery Programs Asheville Recovery Center

Each year, holistic recovery, and holistic medicine in general, is becoming more popular.  Many people desire treatment that does not call for strong medications.   Our society is quick to try to solve a problem with a pill.  Need to lose weight? “Here take a pill.” Depressed? “Theres a pill for that.” Anxious, stressed, feeling overwhelmed? “We […]