The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that opioid overdoses took over 1,500 lives in 2016 in NC. Suboxone, the most popular treatment for opioid addiction is among the 50 best-sold drugs throughout the country. Unfortunately, in many Asheville, NC, cases, it solves one problem but creates another one. Patients using Suboxone to treat their opioid addiction often end up addicted to the treatment.

Suboxone itself is composed of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. The former is a lighter opioid meant to counteract opioid withdrawal symptoms. The latter supposedly cancels the euphoric effects of opioids, including Buprenorphine. Together, they give opioid addicts the tools they need to overcome their addiction.

Unfortunately, patients following long-term treatments involving high dosages often develop an addiction. Many continue treatment for years. Even if they try to discontinue it, they experience powerful and discouraging withdrawal symptoms. Many of them allow their Suboxone addiction to escalate and even ruin their life before they seek help.

Do you suspect that you or someone you love is addicted to Suboxone? You should consider scheduling a consultation at the nearest holistic recovery center because they can assess your case and help you give up Suboxone for good. Since discontinuing treatment always brings about withdrawal symptoms, any help is welcome.

But, before you schedule a consultation with a drug rehab specialist, you probably want to make sure you need it. There are telltale signs of addiction to this particular substance. We will review them in the following lines.

Signs of Suboxone Addiction or When to Contact a Drug Rehab Center in Asheville, NC                                      

Here are the most common signs of addiction in patients using Suboxone:

  • Poor performance at work or school
  • Legal problems, often related to theft or vandalism
  • Lies and willingness to procure the drug illegally
  • Trying different methods of administering the drug
  • Increasing the dosage without a doctor’s consent
  • Frequent conflicts with family and friends due to the use of the drug
  • Craving and withdrawal symptoms when delaying or diminishing dosages
  • Using the drug while operating vehicles or dangerous machinery

If you recognize any of these signs, it may be time to consult an Asheville drug rehab specialist. They will assess your situation, establish the best treatment strategy, and help you rehabilitate. Here is what the usual rehabilitation process covers.

What to Expect from a Drug Rehab Program in an Asheville Holistic Recovery Center

In any holistic recovery center, addiction treatments follow several steps:

  1. The Detox Period – It involves gradual treatment discontinuation. It also focuses on eliminating any drug traces from the patient’s body. Each drug rehab center has its own approach to this step. However, the usual purpose is to help the patient give up the drug and help them manage withdrawal symptoms.
  2. The Actual Treatment – This is the longest and most complex step. It can take several months and various forms of therapy to help patients identify the causes of their addiction. It also helps patients understand what they stand to lose by giving in to their addiction. This way, they can slowly work out their problems and learn to control potential cravings. With the underlying cause eliminated, they have no reason to relapse.
  3. The Safety Period – Upon completing their recovery, many patients feel alone and vulnerable. Without therapy to help them control their cravings, they lose sight of their motivation and relapse. To avoid that, a holistic recovery center will often offer further support and assistance.

Although the steps are fairly similar, some drug rehab centers have better results than others. It is up to the patients to do their homework and choose the one offering the best services. Generally, a holistic recovery center is preferable to a traditional rehab clinic. Their programs are more complex and effective. They adjust their treatment methods to the need of the individual. It works better than applying the same methods to everyone.

Choose Asheville Recovery Center for Your Suboxone Drug Rehab

At the Asheville Recovery Center, we have been treating Suboxone addiction successfully for years. Our patients can choose from residential, partial hospitalization, or outpatient programs. We customize our services according to each patient’s needs. Our programs include the newest and most effective therapies available.

Are you addicted to Suboxone or determined to stop using it to treat your opioid addiction? We can help you ease the process and avoid relapses. To benefit from our advice and assistance, schedule a consultation by calling 828-398-0181. One of our Asheville drug rehab specialists will help you identify the best form of treatment for you.

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