Alcohol is an extremely addictive substance and it can be difficult to stop drinking safely without professional assistance. Therefore, alcoholics should always seek help when detoxing since the withdrawal symptoms can be strong and painful. They should also get professional help throughout the recovery process since detox is only the beginning.

People with alcohol use disorders need safe ways to avoid relapsing or swapping one addiction for another. If alcohol is causing problems in your life, you may be wondering how to quit safely. This article will provide some helpful tips, but you should reach out to a treatment professional for personalized advice.

Avoid the Temptation to Drink

In the early stages of your recovery, it’s best to avoid situations in which you would be tempted to drink. This may mean cutting out partying for a while or only going to restaurants that don’t serve alcohol. If you usually drank at a particular time of the day, you should schedule something else for that period. If you usually had a drink with colleagues after work, you could meet friends for a movie or take a class. Jogging or going to the gym can also help to fill the time. Another aspect of avoiding temptation is identifying and managing your triggers. If particular people or emotions lead you to drink, you need to develop new, healthy coping mechanisms.

Let Others Know About Your Plans

One of the first steps in quitting drinking is to tell people you trust about what you intend to do. A support system will be essential if you want to avoid the urge to drink following detox and rehab. Your loved ones can only help you when they know what you’re going through. You can turn to them when you feel like you need to drink. They can also look out for you at events where alcohol will be served. If you’d rather not be around alcohol, they can warn you so you can decide whether to attend. If you don’t think you can confide in a relative or friend, find a therapist or sponsor.

Develop New Hobbies

When people stop drinking, they often find themselves with time on their hands. If that time isn’t filled with positive activities, they can give in to the urge to drink. If you want to be successful in your attempt to stop drinking safely, you need to find new hobbies. Staying busy can help you to avoid relapse. You may even need multiple hobbies to keep you occupied, depending on how much free time you have. Some people find that having both morning and evening activities is helpful.

Reward Yourself When You Make Progress

Making major lifestyle changes is difficult. Quitting drinking and adopting healthier practices takes discipline. It is important to be patient with yourself when you slip up. However, you also need to reward yourself when you make progress in the right direction. Give yourself short-term goals and treat yourself when you reach them. Maybe you can try to stay sober for a week then try to go a month without drinking. Since you’ll save money when you stop drinking, you can use that cash for a new outfit or a spa day.

Be Prepared to Manage Your Cravings

Cravings for alcohol can occur at any time. They typically occur in 20 to 30-minute waves and you need to find something to fill the time. If you don’t take precautions, you may give in to these cravings.

Seek Professional Help to Stop Drinking Safely

If you’ve tried to stop drinking on your own but you weren’t successful, don’t give up. Many people are able to overcome their addiction when they seek professional treatment. That’s because they get an opportunity to understand the underlying factors behind their addiction. Whether you’re dealing with trauma, a mood disorder or excessive stress, you can address these issues and find strategies to manage them. When you take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, you’ll be better able to quit drinking.

At Asheville Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive evidence-based treatment via programs designed by people who’ve dealt with addiction. We can provide the guidance you need as you work towards sobriety. Moreover, we’ll help to ensure you are as safe as possible. We take a variety of treatment approaches based on each client’s needs. Instead of trying to get your addiction under control on your own, contact us today and set up a consultation. We can help both you and your loved ones during this difficult time.

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