What’s a functioning drug addict? Surely, you’ve heard the term before. You might even know someone who seems to be one. But, what exactly does it mean? Well, the definition of a functioning addict might be different for everyone. However, no matter how you define it, saying that someone is a functioning drug addict is never a good thing. We’re going to tell you a few reasons why.

Defining the Functioning Drug Addict

Again, people might say that this term has various meanings. But, one general definition says that a functioning drug addict is a person who is, well, functional. Basically, when we think of addiction, we think of someone who is probably jobless, maybe homeless. We imagine that most people who suffer from an addiction problem likely have been completely separated from their families. But, that’s not always the case. In fact, in the life of a person who we might say is a functioning drug addict, this is never the case.

You see, addiction doesn’t always take a quick toll on people. Some individuals can continue to hold good jobs, have great family lives, and uphold a great reputation. They can live “normal” lives. But, they are still heavily dependent on a substance. Some people may use the phrase “functioning alcoholic” or “functioning addict”.

Someone who might be called a functioning drug addict will most likely seem fine. Coworkers, close friends, and family members might not even notice what’s going on. This is actually what makes this lifestyle so dangerous.

The Dangers of Functionality

So, what’s the big deal? If the person can maintain a job or keep up with school, what’s the problem? The addiction isn’t hurting the person’s family, right? And, it doesn’t seem to be negatively affecting the individual, either. So, why is being a “functioning drug addict” so dangerous? Simply put, addiction is addiction. Whether it causes a person to lose everything or not, it’s still a problem. Many of the people who are operating this way are dealing with an issue deeper than addiction. When individuals seek relief in the misuse of a substance, that’s an issue.

Leading a “normal” life while living with an addiction is dangerous because of the denial it causes. A person in this situation might deny that they have a problem. The individual may justify his or her actions by saying, “I don’t use drugs every day.” Or, the person might believe that, as long as nothing bad happens, everything is alright. The fact that he or she still holds a steady job can also make the problem seem smaller.

When The Problem Surfaces

Eventually, the issue with addiction will come to the surface. It will cause problems in a person’s life. The individual will become more dependent on the substance. Priorities will change. Life will seem to spiral. Addiction is dangerous, even if the person is considered a functioning drug addict. Do you know someone who might be put in this category of addiction? Or, do you think you could possibly be functional while struggling with a drug addiction? If so, it’s important to get help immediately.

Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we offer programs, therapy, and treatment. We know that addiction is different for everyone. So, we provide various approaches to treating the problem. You don’t have to fight addiction alone. In fact, you shouldn’t fight it by yourself. Professional guidance is important as you take your journey towards freedom.

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