When people hear the word “rehab”, they often think of Florida and California.  These states have some of the highest concentrations of treatment centers in the world.

However, there are other options, one of which is North Carolina.  From the beaches of Wilmington, to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina is quickly becoming the next big recovery area.

Many addicts seeking recovery don’t necessarily want to seek treatment in their hometown, but do not want to travel half way across the country.  North Carolina is less than 10 hours drive from New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Delaware, Ohio, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Luisiana, South Carolina, and West Virginia, among others.

Those in recovery are attracted to treatment in North Carolina for many reasons. Perhaps they want to remain close to family for family therapy and visits.  Perhaps they have been to Florida or California, and have bad memories tied to those areas as well.  Maybe the beach isn’t their style and they are looking for something more low-key, with less hustle and bustle.

Being a large state, traveling from Raleigh, Durham or Charlotte to a town such as Asheville, can give you a whole new experience.  The beautiful mountains and laid back atmosphere can provide a calm environment conducive to recovery.  Couple that with amazing hikes, great restaurants and countless outdoor activities… it is not hard to enjoy life.  Asheville has numerous 12-step meetings, many treatment options, and a strong and diverse recovery community.  Programs such as Refuge Recovery, Celebrate Recovery and SMART Recovery can also be found.

Wherever you are currently residing, treatment in North Carolina is state of the art, and readily available to those who seek it.  Where have you gone to treatment in the past?  If this is your first time, why are you interested in treatment in North Carolina?

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