Alcohol. It’s legal but can still be very dangerous. To some, it’s a harmless way to enjoy an evening with friends. For others, it’s a harmful drug that takes control. The abuse of alcohol is, unfortunately, very common. Many people struggle with the effects of this problem. And, lots of people deal with the dangers of alcohol abuse everyday.

dangers of alcohol abuse
Understand and Avoid the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse 1

What Exactly is Alcohol Abuse

Often, “alcoholism” and “alcohol abuse” are used interchangeably. There is also confusion about alcohol addiction and alcohol dependency. But, some argue that these terms actually have different meanings.
Alcoholism: They say that alcoholism is actually the same as alcohol dependence. It’s said to be a chronic disease wherein people drink so much alcohol that it affects the person’s physical and mental health. People believe that alcoholism lasts throughout the individual’s life because it’s chronic. Those who suffer from alcoholism usually have extreme cravings for alcohol. They also are unable to stop drinking alcohol, even if it interferes with their health. Alcoholism is a physical dependency on alcohol. It literally alters the body’s ability to function without it. So, people who struggle with alcoholism usually can’t just quit drinking on their own. This is what causes a lot of family and relationship problems for people living with alcoholism.
Alcohol Addiction: The excessive drinking habits that come with alcohol dependence are very much like the signs of addiction. But, alcohol addiction is more of a chemical dependence on alcohol. It completely changes the brain’s process. This means that the person becomes unable to feel “normal” without consuming alcohol.
Alcohol Abuse: This problem is usually said to have less of an effect on people than alcohol dependency. But, it is definitely still very dangerous. The dangers of alcohol abuse include different kinds of damage to the person and the people around him or her. Abusing alcohol can certainly lead to alcoholism. A lot of times, those who abuse alcohol will avoid responsibilities at work, home, or school. They tend to get into trouble with the law by driving under the influence of alcohol. But, one main difference between alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse is that people who abuse alcohol are more able to make the conscious effort to stop drinking.

Exploring The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Drinking too much and too often can cause serious health problems. People who drink a lot might experience issues with their liver in the form of fibrosis, hepatitis, or cirrhosis. Other problems, like a stroke or high blood pressure, can also come from long-term excessive drinking. Alcohol abuse can also cause issues with the pancreas. Liver disease is another one of the dangers of alcohol abuse.
Abusing alcohol might also lead to depression or anxiety problems. It can cause people to feel fatigued and have trouble sleeping. Drinking too much can also have an affect on people’s moods and behavior. Some individuals become aggressive and angry people. Others lose control of their emotions and have less motivation. People who drink excessively may lose interest in the things which once mattered. They may even begin to show signs of poor hygiene and self-care.

How to Avoid the Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, now is the time to get help. Alcohol abuse doesn’t have to become alcohol dependence or addiction before you talk to someone about it. You can catch it before it’s too late. And you can become free from this struggle faster than you know it! We here at Asheville Recovery Center want to help you! The best way to avoid all of the dangers of alcohol abuse is to treat the problem. If you want to get help, please contact us today.

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