The thought of going to a Substance Abuse Recovery Facility when addiction is active and thriving might sound daunting. Work, school, family, and friends all come second to getting drunk or high. Eventually, the balance of life tips. Soon, consequences begin to ensue. The addicted lifestyle is chaotic. It’s a lifestyle which cannot have a balance because there is an overwhelming drive to use drugs. This is why it’s important for individuals in substance abuse recovery to learn how to balance life without the use of drugs. A balanced life allows for more success, happiness, and long-term recovery.

Managing Emotions throughout Substance Abuse Recovery

Balancing recovery is like tuning a guitar. Just as a well-tuned guitar produces beautiful music, a well-balanced recovery regimen ensures your body performs at its best. Over-tightening strings can cause them to snap, while leaving them too loose results in poor sound. Similarly, too much or too little recovery can hinder progress and lead to injury.

During recovery, individuals should work to keep emotions balanced. You will undoubtedly go through trials and tribulations, but you’ll also experience joy. It’s important to keep these emotions in check because both can be triggers to use. For an addicted individual whose natural reward response has been skewed as a result of drug use, managing emotions is crucial.

Getting high triggers the reward response, and as a result, the individual feels joyous. So, naturally, when individuals are in recovery, they still utilize this reward seeking behavior. If something makes them happy, they may seek the experience over and over, as they would their drug of choice. When the experience is no longer available, they may become angry or depressed. Understanding and identifying this reward seeking behavior so that emotions can be kept in balance is imperative.

Using your Support Resources during Substance Abuse Recovery

A great way to stay balanced with life is to use support resources. Take part in weekly meetings to gain helpful balance. Not only will this help to boost sobriety morale, but it will help to socialize with others in recovery. This support may become a great tool to utilize in times of imbalance. For example, support can offer advice, comfort, and even a listening ear. Also, if you have finished an addiction treatment program, check out the facility’s available resources for treatment graduates. Many organizations offer aftercare and alumni programs within the recovery community and provide outlets in a time of need. Support is all around. Use it regain balance.

Balancing Substance abuse recovery

Take a Breath and Slow Down during Substance Abuse Recovery

Balance isn’t about running around until everything in life turns out perfect. It’s about handling the inevitable curveballs that life throws with grace. When the going gets tough, just remember that sobriety is relatively simple. Take it one day at a time and you will be fine. A mind is a powerful tool; you can either use it to your advantage or let it take advantage of you. It may seem cliche, but it’s the truth. Happiness is a state of mind and you determine your own. So, remember that sobriety is solely in your power. Focus on one thing at a time until you retain your balance.

Finding Balance through Substance Abuse Treatment

People who have not yet enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program are less likely to regain balance in recovery. Treatment allows individuals to identify and confront the causes of their addictions so that true healing can take place. Also, treatment is effective in providing recovering individuals the tools they need to remain sober and keep a balanced life. If you find that your life imbalances due to addiction, help is available to you at Asheville Recovery Center. Call us today at 866-315-8998 to speak with an addiction specialist about our programs and services.

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