Although most alcoholics do not see it when they need alcohol rehab. Alcoholism has the power to destroy families. Those who drink mess up the family budget, cause conflicts, ignore their children, and often impair the health and well-being of their loves ones. Alcohol abuse is present in 60-70% of domestic violence cases.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcohol addiction can drive people to:

  • Neglect their duties. It impairs the consumer’s physical capabilities and cognitive functions. Sooner or later, most alcoholics will neglect responsibilities related to their work, school, and/or home life.
  • Take time to get over their hangovers. One of the short-term side effects of alcohol abuse, hangovers can disrupt a person routine. That person may have trouble getting out of bed, exercising, going to work or school, doing their house chores, etc.
  • Get into legal troubles. Drunk people often get into fights, disturb public order, or get tricked by others to engage in illegal activities. Domestic violence and drunk driving cases are common as well.
  • Lose control and the ability to stop consuming alcohol. The more a person drinks, the more their body starts craving drinks, and the more alcohol they need to experience the euphoria, the numbness effect that alcohol induces.

Slowly but surely, drinking becomes a priority for alcoholics. They dedicate the time, the effort, and the resources initially allocated to their family to it. Alcohol gets the best of them, and starts affecting their relationship with family members and friends and causing financial troubles.

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Alcohol Rehab – Helping Financial Troubles

Although not as expensive as drugs and widely available, alcohol costs money. Indeed, even the strictest budgets dedicate a small amount to entertainment or small pleasures. However, as social drinking turns into alcoholism, any budget becomes insufficient.

And the costs do not refer only to the price of alcohol. Alcoholics buy on impulse, things they do not really need or that they could get at a lower price from another source. They tend to pay for other people’s drinks even though they have no obligation to do so.

Then, as alcohol addiction sets in, a person’s work productivity diminishes. With their work or academic performance decreasing, their earning potential decreases as well. Even those with successful full-time jobs will lose money by missing work due to their hangovers.

Moreover, alcohol abuse leads to health complications that take money and time off work to be treated. From brain, heart, liver, and pancreas disease to cancer, any condition caused or favored by alcohol abuse will impact a family’s budget, peace of mind, and well being.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that binge drinking causes low productivity- and healthcare-related expenses of approximately $171 billion a year. As if that were not enough, most alcoholics are unable to pay their debts. They accumulate credit card and mortgage debt, they have unpaid bills, and they borrow from and fail to repay their friends and relatives.

All these, along with their lack of accountability and aggressive and irresponsible behavior, fuel family fight and conflicts. These escalate up to the point where they can irremediably damage the marriage.

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Alcohol Rehab - The Effect on Family Life 1

Alcohol Rehab – Helping Marital Problems

When a person abuses alcohol their actions and behavior can affect their spouse as well. They cause the latter to worry and suffer, and inherently affect their social, personal and romantic life. In many marriages, alcoholism results in:

  • Marital conflicts
  • Adultery
  • Domestic violence
  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Financial problems
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Jealousy
  • Divorce

Some spouses will cover for and justify their spouse’s behavior. Others will not tolerate it and end the marriage if the person refuses to seek alcohol rehab. Things get even more complicated, especially when children are involved.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry reports that 20% of adult Americans lived with a family member or relative that abused alcohol. This means an increased risk of emotional troubles and future alcohol abuse.

Children with an alcoholic parent are often deprived of attention and have their routine disrupted. They witness and suffer due to their parents’ fights, mood swings, and financial problems. Some blame themselves or never fully understand and accept their parents’ behavior.

When alcohol abuse leads to violence, things get even worse and the damage to the family relationships become irremediable. Luckily, alcohol rehab programs can help alcoholics and their loved ones avoid or solve all these problems.

Find Out More about Alcohol Rehab Opportunities in North Carolina

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