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Cocaine Addiction

As stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug. The first time that you did cocaine, it may have seemed like the “cool” thing to do.  After all, it seems to be the drug of choice with the high-profile names of Hollywood’s elite.  However, there is nothing glamorous about becoming addicted to this drug.  The problems stemming directly from your addiction are many, including how cocaine has affected:

  • Your finances
  • Your relationships with family
  • Your relationships with friends
  • Your professional life
  • Your overall sense of self

You may have never imagined that you would become a cocaine addict.  But the fact is, cocaine is your drug of choice because now your body needs it.  You are an addict, and it’s time to finally get help. You no longer have to be a slave to cocaine.  We can help get you back on track to being the strong and independent person you really are.  We will help you to restore your sense of self and the relationships that have been destroyed because of your drug use.  The beginning of your new life – cocaine-free – starts now.

How Getting Sober Starts

Like many other drug addictions, getting sober starts with detox.  Detox means you stop using the drug and fully cleanse your body of it.  When you stop using cocaine, you will likely experience symptoms of withdrawal.  Those include:

  • Agitation/Irritability
  • Exhaustion
  • Increased appetite
  • Inability to sleep
  • Depression

The symptoms can be very uncomfortable which is why relapse happens so often when an addict tries to quit independently.  We recommend a medical detox because you will have a support team trained in helping to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make them more manageable.

What If I Relapse?

When you come to our treatment center in North Carolina we don’t plan for you to relapse: we prepare, just in case.  With any drug addiction, relapse is a possibility, so we have incorporated aftercare into your treatment plan.  We also educate you thoroughly on how to recognize the early stages of cocaine addiction relapse.  This may feel like a battle against yourself, but the battle of getting and staying sober can be won if you have the proper tools – and the treatment center that is right for you.

How Treatment Works

Part of cocaine rehab is getting to the underlying causes of your drug addiction.  Some addicts come to us and say they don’t know why they did drugs.  But the fact is, there is always a reason, even if you, the addict, do not know exactly what that reason is yet.  Our job is to find out why you chose to soothe yourself with cocaine, which can come to the answer in dual diagnosis.

We will tackle those problems with a balanced approach that will guide you on your road to recovery.  This typically occurs most in our individual therapy sessions when one on one time is spent with a therapist who is educated in cocaine rehabilitation.

Your family members and those you love have also likely suffered because of your battle with cocaine addiction.  Healing those relationships is an integral part of beating your cocaine addiction.  We will stand with you as we mend your relationships with your loved ones and we’ll give you all the tools to go through this process together.

Group therapy is beneficial because you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with other group members battling addictions just like you.  This helps because you undoubtedly feel alone as you battle your cocaine addiction.  These group sessions serve as a regular reminder that you are not alone at any stage of your rehab.

Holistic therapy sessions are also available at our drug treatment center.  You will be nurtured through your mind, body, and soul with many opportunities to take classes like yoga, art therapy, music therapy, and many more. Whether you choose partial-hospitalization treatment or outpatient treatment at our rehab in North Carolina, all these therapies are available to you during and after your treatment.

You Are In The Right Place

You may feel like you have nowhere else to turn, but please know that we have a place carved out especially for you at our drug treatment center.  Cocaine addiction doesn’t have to be permanent.  You can overcome this problem, and we will help you do it through proven treatment therapies and methods.

No cocaine addiction is too big to overcome, not even yours.  You don’t have to be a slave to cocaine addiction anymore.  It may be hard to imagine now, but you can live a life free from cocaine.  Call us today, and we will show you how.  We are waiting for your call!

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Cocaine Addiction Help
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