Convincing a loved one to accept treatment for their alcohol addiction can be challenging. Many addicts refuse to admit that they have a problem. Others promise to stop drinking and never do. There are also addicts who promise to treat alcohol addiction but find excuses to delay the moment.

If you analyze their reactions, your instincts will tell you if they do not want to get treated. It will then be up to you to convince them to do it. Obviously, a simple conversation is not enough. You will need a more complex strategy. Ours consists of seven steps. The good news is that it is not that difficult to follow and, if you stick to it, the likelihood of them agreeing to seek alcohol rehab will increase significantly.

7 Steps to Convince a Loved One to Treat Alcohol Addiction

1. Assess and Accept Your Own Situation

Sometimes, we want really bad to believe our loved ones when they tell us that they are in control and they will take measures. We wait and wait, we find excuses for them, and we forgive them every time they screw up.

If that is your situation, it is time to face reality. Without proper treatment, your loved one will not recover. Had they been in control and able to stop drinking by themselves, you would not be reading this.

They are not, so it is your responsibility to make sure they receive the treatment they need. Accept it and prepare yourself for what’s coming, as it will not be easy for either of you, and you need to be strong for both. If you are consistent in your efforts, you will succeed.

2. Educate Yourself

Knowing that your loved one is addicted to alcohol and their addiction is threatening their health and well-being is not enough. You need to understand what they are going through as an addict and what they will be going through in recovery, both physically and mentally. If you do not, you will not be able to get through to them and provide the support they need.

3. Evaluate Your Loved One’s Situation

Alcohol addiction has different stages, and each stage requires a different approach. If you catch your loved one early, you may have an easier time getting them to understand their situation and act on it. However, things may have already gone too far and require more drastic measures.  It is important to know where your loved one is and what they need.

4. Help Your Loved One Get a Doctor’s Perspective on Their Addiction

Find an excuse to take your loved one to the doctor. It can be for a routine checkup, to investigate an ailment they have been complaining about, or even your own need for support. Talk to the doctor beforehand, explain the situation, and ask for their help.

Doctors understand alcohol addiction and have various methods to raise awareness of the issue. They also respect doctor-patient confidentiality. They may succeed where you failed, namely in making your loved one realized that they have a problem and they need help.

5. Stop Financing Your Loved One’s Addiction

If you are in any way helping your loved one fuel their addiction, you need to stop. Remove all alcohol from your home, and stop giving your loved one money. Ask anyone else who may be financing their vice do the same.

They may invent excuses and pretexts but do not fall for them. Offer to make the payments yourself and provide explanations as to why you cannot give them the money. Stay calm and avoid confrontations.

You do not want to get into fights and determine your loved one to go missing for days but you cannot keep throwing money out of the window either. Discretely control their spending and keep track of any valuable assets to prevent waking up to unpaid debts or missing possessions.

6. Be Supportive and Encouraging and Do Not Resort to Guilt

In their heart, your loved one knows that they are doing something wrong. Let them see that, even though you are hurting, you still love them and they can still count on you. Make them feel that you understand their struggle, you know they are trying, and you will be there to support them.

Some addicts really lead an internal struggle to give up, and the right attitude can tilt the balance in their favor. Confronting them on their behavior and blaming them could have the opposite effect. They may feel abandoned, alone, resentful, and fall dive even deeper to appease those confusing feelings.

7. Take action

Sometimes, despite their loved ones’ best efforts, alcoholics still refuse to treat alcohol addiction, even though they desperately need it. You cannot let them have their way. Reach out to a recovery center and talk to their professionals. They will advise you and help you plan an intervention.

It is time to gather everyone who cares about your loved one and make sure your message gets across. Also, you need to show them that there is no other way. Give them an ultimatum and stick to it. If they seek help, they will have all your support. If they continue on the path they have chosen, they will lose everything.

If you gave other ultimatums and never complied, they may resist. Show them that you are not kidding. Your loved one needs a wake-up call and it is up to you and everyone else to provide it. If you do it right, they will accept help sooner or later.

Get Your Loved One the Help They Need from Asheville Recovery Center!

Have you managed to convince your loved one to accept support? We hope you did but even if you did not, reach out to Asheville Recovery Center! Our specialists can help you identify the best solutions for their particular case and make sure they receive the best addiction treatment and move forward into alcohol recovery.

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