Those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol should receive help as soon as possible from a substance abuse treatment program near them. Joining a substance abuse treatment program will give them the best chance of recovering in full from their addiction. In recent years, other strategies have come to light in the recovery community. 

One of which includes the use of marijuana as a substitute for whatever drug the addict was addicted to. While marijuana has its benefits and can help people stop using harder drugs, it isn’t an effective strategy in the long run, and here’s why. 

1. You Won’t be Sober

First and foremost, if you’re trying to get sober, using marijuana will stand in the way of that. While it does have its benefits in some circumstances, it’s still a drug. Using it means that you aren’t sober. Marijuana still alters the brain, giving users a “chill” or “tired” feeling depending on the strain used. 

Those who are addicted to substances should aim to be entirely sober, which means they shouldn’t use marijuana or drink alcohol at all. Drug use is a slippery slope, especially for those who suffer from addiction. One day the marijuana might not be enough, and they may seek out something harder, restarting their hard drug addiction. 

To achieve the best results, you should be completely sober. To get sober, consider enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program. Trained professionals can help you develop healthy coping mechanisms, trigger avoidance, and more so you can live your life without having to rely on any type of substance. 

2. You Can Develop Marijuana Dependence 

While marijuana addiction isn’t as dangerous as other drugs, it can still happen. Many people who use marijuana on a regular basis become dependent on it. For these people, it can feel impossible to get through their day without taking a hit. If you’re attempting to stop using drugs, you don’t want to end up dependent on something else. It will only stunt your progress. 

3. There are Negative Health Effects

The positive health effects of marijuana are talked about widely. However, there are still some negative effects to the drug as well, including: 

  • Bone density loss
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Memory impairment 
  • Decrease in cognitive ability
  • Heightened risk of developing a lung condition 

Keep in mind that many addicts are already at a higher risk for many diseases because of their drug use. To keep their health from decreasing anymore than it already has, marijuana should be avoided. 

4. Treatment is Less Effective 

A few studies show that the use of marijuana makes treatment for addiction less effective. One study conducted in 2015 found that using marijuana while trying to abstain from alcohol use lowered a person’s chances of discontinuing alcohol or substance abuse. To give yourself the best chance at quitting your substance of choice, you should try to be completely sober throughout the treatment process. 

5. There are Better Options

Using marijuana to treat drug addiction sounds like a good idea. You get to continue using a mind-altering drug while quitting one that’s worse for you. However, there are much better options out there for you. There are many treatment centers available in all states that provide high-quality treatment for drug and alcohol addicts. Working with a treatment program will help you find much more success than you would using marijuana to cope. 

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