Why Choose Us

Why Choose ARC
Why Choose ARC

Why Come to Asheville Recovery Center?

Entering into an addiction treatment program can be very intimidating. This stage produces feelings of vulnerability that can be extremely uncomfortable for a new client. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, we strive to make every person as comfortable as possible. We know that behind every client is an individual, not just an addict, and we can’t wait to meet them.

 By choosing us, a client is choosing an environment that fully embraces them without ridicule or judgment. Our addiction specialists have first-hand experience with addiction and tailor treatment programs to fit each client and their specific needs. By combining specific therapies, group exercises, and free time, we aim to cultivate a nurturing environment where clients can feel at ease during each step of their recovery journey. 

Confronting addiction can be terrifying, especially within an unfamiliar setting and among strangers. Before long, our center will feel like a home away from home and the peers you once saw as strangers will become a lifelong support system.

Why Choose Us

What We Do Differently

Our addiction treatment services at Asheville Recovery Center differ from the standard model of treatment in several ways. Our catalog of services was founded and implemented by people who belong to the recovery community themselves. Through their personal experiences in receiving addiction treatment, they realized which methods worked and which did not. By combining elements from 12 step models with traditional addiction treatment methods, they formed a unique, hybrid method of treatment that has proven successful time and time again.

We understand that the first few weeks of treatment are usually the most difficult. Clients can rest assured that any medical needs that may arise during this time will be attended to by our very own onsite Nurse Practitioner who is available for 24/7 medical care and oversight. Nurse Practitioners are trained in treating everything from concurrent conditions to the common cold. At Asheville Recovery Center, our top priority is to ensure that every client feels safe and comfortable at all times. 

Our center does not believe in one-size-fits-all treatment, in which clients are shuffled through predetermined phases or generic therapies. Our specialized program is backed by scientific advances in mental health and addiction treatment. To guarantee individualized treatment, we review all addiction treatment options with each client. At Asheville Recovery Center, each client becomes part of a family and community connected by a common goal: healing from addiction through love, care, and accountability.

Why Choose ARC

Why Choose Asheville Recovery Center?

Because there are countless treatment centers to choose from, choosing the right one for yourself or for your loved one can feel extraordinarily heavy. In combatting a serious disease like addiction, there is a huge level of pressure placed on such a decision. Everyone is different, and some programs and approaches are more suited to different individuals. How do you know which one is the best choice?

It is crucial to select a treatment program that places an emphasis on individualized care and tailors treatment plans to each client based on what they need in order to heal and recover. That’s what we specialize in at the Asheville Recovery Center. Each client is unique, and they deserve care to match them. At Asheville Recovery Center, we work to meet individuals where they are and guide them along the path to recovery. Every client deserves care that addresses their needs, whatever those may be.

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Why Choose ARC
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Cannot say enough great things about Asheville Recovery Center and its staff. This is more than a review, it’s a “Thank you” for giving our family life back. The staff at Asheville assisted our family through an extremely emotional and difficult time, they were there every step of the way. You will find that everyone who works at there as a true commitment to helping it’s residents find a new way of life. The support that was received there from beginning to end was nothing short of superb. It’s so difficult to put your faith into others for help and recovery and were so fortunate to have Asheville Recovery Center as the team to bring sobriety and peace back into our lives. Thank you thank you thank you!

I was a client at Asheville Recovery Center and I truly enjoyed my time there. The entire staff is amazing and goes above and beyond to their clients and genuinely cares. I have never been to a treatment center that makes me feel so at home. I would recommend ARC to anybody who is struggling and is serious about their recovery. I gained so much from my experience there and can’t thank the owners, clinical staff, tech’s, and case managers enough.

They are true professionals they will treat you with the respect you deserve the team they have assembled to help you recover are top notch. I would recommend anyone that needs their help and services they will change your life for the better.

Comprehensive Care

The founders of our addiction treatment center know from personal experience just how difficult recovery can be. That is why they designed the specialized program at Asheville Recovery Center to include all of the services necessary to make the process as effective as possible. Individuals have a better chance at success when they have access to a diverse range of therapies that address different needs. Addiction is a complex disease of the body and mind, and helping individuals recover requires a multi-pronged approach in holistic addiction treatment. That’s what we offer at Asheville Recovery Center. The services and expertise we offer set us apart from facilities that focus on only one or two major aspects of the disease.

Asheville Recovery Center is built on the philosophy that our
clients matter as much as our closest friends and family. At our
drug addiction treatment center, it is not about simply checking off
boxes or completing a preset treatment plan – it’s about healing
individuals mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that they can live
free of the pain of addiction.