The Smart Pill (Phenibut)

Smart Pill Phenibut

Buy phenibut as a smart pill and it will quickly lead to addiction. Long-term use can reduce happiness and cognition. Learn more about phenibut dosage, high, and withdrawal here. What is Phenibut and How Does it Work? Phenibut is a drug that originated in Russia. It has been used since the 1960s according to the […]

Tips for Finding and Keeping A Job While in Recovery

drug addiction

If you’ve recently completed inpatient treatment for drug addiction, you’ll probably be excited about returning home. However, you may also be a little nervous about the next stage of your life. One of the things you may have to do is look for a new job. In addition to providing you with an income, having […]

What’s the Difference Between Drug Dependence and Drug Addiction?

drug addiction

It can be difficult to understand some of the terms used by the mental health and recovery communities. Two terms that are often used interchangeably are dependence and addiction. Both these terms indicate that someone has developed a substance abuse disorder and they need to seek professional treatment. However, they aren’t quite the same thing. […]

What Should I Expect During Opioid Detox and Withdrawal?


Opioids are very useful for people who are in severe pain. Unfortunately, they are among the most addictive substances available. They bind to the naturally occurring opioid receptors in the brain, thereby blocking pain and making the user feel calm or euphoric. Unfortunately, opioids also rewire the brain, so the user doesn’t feel normal unless […]

What Happens in the Early Stages of Opioid Addiction?


If you are taking prescription opioids or you’ve been using them recreationally, you may be concerned about the possibility of becoming addicted. It is well-known that these drugs present a high risk of addiction, so much so that an opioid crisis has developed in the United States. Statistics from the National Institute on Drug Abuse […]

What Stops People from Seeking Help for Their Drug Addiction?

drug addiction

Many people who need treatment for drug addiction don’t get it. While it may seem that someone who’s struggling with a serious disease should do everything possible to get help, substance abuse disorders often go untreated. Several factors can discourage or prevent an individual from getting the help they need. Our Asheville rehabilitation experts will […]

How to Tell Your Loved Ones You’re an Addict

drug addiction

Admitting that you have a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. Even though you may have been struggling for some time, openly stating that you’re an addict is likely to be tough. Many addicts feel ashamed or guilty while others are afraid of the reaction they’ll get. They fear the people they love will […]

Why Mixing Opioids and Marijuana to Treat Chronic Pain is Dangerous


Millions of Americans struggle with chronic pain – ongoing pain that lasts more than six months. Chronic pain may result from illness or an injury, but it can continue after the illness has passed or the injury has healed. It can also occur in the absence of any apparent injury. Chronic pain may be linked […]

How to Respond When Your Loved One is Dealing with Drug Addiction

Dealing with Drug Addiction

Learning that a loved one is dealing with drug addiction can be overwhelming. You may feel confused, angry, and even hopeless. However, you need to know that addiction doesn’t have to last forever. Addicts can recover. While you can’t force your loved one to get help, you can assist them during the recovery process. In […]

What Are the Signs of an Opioid Overdose?

Opioid Overdose

Opioids are powerful drugs. Whether an individual uses prescription opioids like morphine or oxycodone or illegal drugs like heroin, it can lead to an overdose. If someone you know is overdosing, you need to know the signs so you can seek help. Opioid overdose can be fatal if the user doesn’t get the appropriate intervention […]