The role of the family in addiction recovery is invaluable. What people need to understand is that the family of an addict suffers as much as the addict. Yes, they suffer in different ways. Many Asheville, NC parents wait for the phone call that tells them something bad has happened to their child.  Many struggle to find ways to take care of their children while their spouse is lost to addiction. The bottom line is that their involvement in the addict’s recovery is huge.

In the early stages of recovery, the family plays a pivotal role. Just as they played a role in the addiction, they play a role in recovery. Having the support of family is really important to an addict. Entering treatment can be one of the scariest things an addict ever does. They are not only ending their relationship with drugs. They are entering a program that will change their life forever.

When an addict goes into treatment in Asheville, NC, they feel alone. Their best friend for months or even years has been their drug of choice. When they have to give it up, they feel lost. It is important that they know they have their family’s support. They need to know that one day when they’re ready, their family will have them back in their lives.

How Family Can Help During Addiction Treatment

An addict goes into treatment alone. They are told to leave behind everything they know about how to live. They are told they will have to find new people, places and things. It is important that they know they have their family with them through this journey.

Since every family is different, the recovery process is different for every family. This is because addiction recovery is unique for each person. Some people take to the process the first time. Others must go through treatment several times before they find long-lasting recovery.

As impatient as a family may be for their loved one to recover, it is important that they stay supportive. Having empathy is one of the most important things family members can do. An addict in treatment in Asheville, NC needs to know they have the support of their family.

The Family’s Role During Addiction Recovery

Throughout the journey of recovery, the family needs to remain patient. The road to recovery can be very trying. It is filled with things like fear, anger, depression, and anxiety. The addict enters recovery as an empty shell. They need to fill that shell up with only positive things.

Aside from encouraging the addict to seek recovery, a few things families need to remember include:

  • Stay positive. It is not the time to remind the addict of all of their past negative behavior.
  • There will be times when an addict’s recovery includes family sessions. During these sessions, it is more important to listen than it is to speak.
  • Remain empathetic. As angry or as frustrated as you may be, stay empathetic. It is imperative that an addict knows their family understands what they are going through.
  • Be hopeful. Even if it is the tenth time you are dealing with an addict in treatment, stay hopeful. If you don’t believe recovery is possible, you can bet the addict won’t believe it is possible.

Often times, families get frustrated because they aren’t given daily updates on their family member’s progress. There is a reason for this. A lot of what takes place during recovery is unique to the addict. It is also private. There are ups and downs in recovery. There are good days and bad days. The addict has to live through every minute of their recovery. Believe it or not, they don’t want their families to have to go through it too.

Contact a Recovery Center in Asheville, North Carolina

If your family member is suffering from drug addiction, know that there is help available. You need to contact a drug addiction recovery center in Asheville, North Carolina today. They can offer help to both the addict and their family in this trying time.

Professional drug rehabilitation centers know what it takes to treat drug addiction. Not only have they spent years helping addicts recover, many of the staff have gone through addiction recovery themselves. They know exactly what the addict is going through.

If you or a family member is looking for help with drug addiction, don’t put it off. Help is only a phone call away. It is never too late to start on the road to recovery.

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