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Asheville Recovery Center was founded by people in recovery, for people in recovery! Located in Asheville, North Carolina we are heavily involved in the recovery community, & we are passionate about helping others achieve the freedom from alcohol. With professional and personal backgrounds in alcoholism & recovery, our holistic based programs stand out from others. We give struggling clients the chance to explore freedom from alcohol by offering various healing modalities. We give our clients a chance to truly heal from the disease of alcoholism.

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Finding The Right Alcohol Rehab Facility Is Important For Your Recovery.

Our Addiction Recovery Center, located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, is an exceptional program with proven results. For the past two years we are honored to be included in the top 5 best treatment centers in NC by Newsweek magazine.

We understand that no two individuals have the same story. At our rehab facility, we offer individualized treatment options to individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction. To learn more about our program, give our team a call today to explore addiction recovery options.

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Alcohol Detox Treatment

Before an individual enters our alcohol treatment program, it is usually recommended to enter a detox program first. Why is this important? Detox from alcohol specifically can involve extremely dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. When entering a medical detox facility, you will have the correct supervision & support needed to successfully complete the detox process.

How long does detox take?

When entering various alcohol detox programs, be prepared to stay for 5-10 days. This allows enough time for substance to be cleared from the client’s system. Although detox from alcohol can be uncomfortable, medical professionals will ensure that you have the correct medication to safely complete the process and that it goes well.