Suboxone Addiction Help

Suboxone Addiction

If you are addicted to suboxone, it likely happened as an accident.  However, whether it occurred as the result of a prescription given by a medical provider or if you were using this drug recreationally, addiction to suboxone is very real and can happen to anyone.

Suboxone is typically used to treat other drug addictions like heroin.  Some regard it as a miracle drug because it can greatly reduce heroin withdrawal symptoms during detox.  Early on, suboxone was highly regarded by medical professionals for this reason. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 9.3 million prescriptions for Suboxone were filled in 2012 alone; however, it didn’t take long for the dark side of this drug to come to light.

It seemed to be the ideal drug for heroin detox because it allowed for the safe management of potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms like fatal seizures and respiratory failure.  But in too many cases, heroin addiction detox got underway while another addiction to suboxone was in the works.

How Treatment Begins

Getting treatment for suboxone addiction begins the same way as many other drug treatments.  Detox is the first step.  Like that of heroin detox, we advise against undergoing detoxification from this drug without the help of medical professionals.  Withdrawal symptoms can be so uncomfortable that they are indeed unbearable.  This dramatically increases the risk of relapse.

With the help of a medical team by your side during detox, doctors can administer safe medications to safely reduce withdrawal symptoms.  Some of those withdrawal symptoms include suboxone cravings, fever, vomiting, headaches, muscle aches, sweating, nausea, lethargy, and anxiety.

Peak discomfort arises typically around day three of the suboxone withdrawal.   At the one-week mark, body aches, insomnia, and irritability will set in, with depression/anxiety showing around week two.  As the body begins to rid itself completely of the drug, intense cravings will show around weeks three and four.  These cravings combined with depression and anxiety are a recipe for relapse, which is why medical support is essential.

Getting – and Staying Clean

Suboxone addiction is unique because in most cases it was introduced to an individual as they were trying to rid themselves of another addiction.  For this reason, a full understanding of what led to your drug use initially is very important.

We offer therapies that will gently get to the underlying causes of your drug addiction.  No one begins their life as a child and decides that they want to be a drug abuser when they grow up.  Your situation may indeed be unfortunate, but suboxone addiction is not unique.  However, your treatment at our suboxone rehab facility will be unique.

Because drug addiction typically has many layers, we will support you and your specific needs.  We will first determine if you need around the clock care or if you are able to handle a more flexible treatment plan.  We do highly recommend 24-7 care with our inpatient rehab programs however we do have outpatient rehab programs with very high success rates.  We will determine what is best for you and your circumstances then we’ll get started on therapeutic support and recovery.

These options include individual, group, family, and holistic therapies.  You may or may not need all of these therapies.  That will be determined as treatment gets underway.  Each one has its own benefits that all serve a specific purpose in your healing and recovery.

Suboxone addiction is tricky because choosing to get help isn’t easy.  You may think you don’t need help, but deep inside you know treatment is necessary.  We are here for you.  No matter how you are feeling – scared, frustrated, embarrassed – we understand.  The founders of our drug treatment facility are also recovering addicts.  By using their professional expertise and experience combined with proven successful treatments and methods, you can recover too.

Free Yourself from Suboxone Addiction

There is help for you.  You are not alone in your battle against suboxone addiction.  No matter how you are feeling, you know in those moments of sobriety that your addiction is not okay.  You can live a sober life away from drugs.  When you come to our drug treatment center, you will be in the company of other people who have done just that.

Additionally, you will be with other addicts who are new to treatment and are dealing with similar issues at the same time you are.  It is our job and our mission to help you.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Please take just a few minutes and call us now.  Your phone call can be completely anonymous.  You don’t have to share your name, and you can simply ask questions or take the first steps toward treatment.  We are here for you so please call us today.

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Suboxone Addiction Help
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