What Benefits Can I Get Out of Residential Drug Treatment in North Carolina?

One of the most widely employed methods of substance abuse treatment, whether in Asheville, NC, or anywhere in North Carolina, is residential drug treatment.

In this set-up, the drug-dependent leaves his or her residence to stay at a recovery center for an extended period of time. Next, the patient receives a thorough assessment of his substance abuse problem. Upon completion of the assessment, the patient can expect long-term treatment within a safe and comfortable rehabilitative environment.

Residential drug treatment requires the patient’s thorough commitment and separation from his or her loved ones. It is nonetheless considered to be one of the most effective means for addiction recovery and healing.

Residential Drug Treatment in Asheville, NC

Although residential drug treatment is an inpatient form of substance abuse treatment, it is not the same as inpatient hospitalization treatment. The residential patient will be required to reside in a recovery facility, instead of a hospital.  Here, the patient will receive specific therapies and treatment methods.  This will depend on his or her specific requirements.

A residential method of treatment requires the patient to stay in the program for a longer number of days.  In this setting, the chances of relapse are significantly reduced as a result

According to one study, patients who had fewer than 90 days of substance abuse treatment tended to relapse more than those who have been subjected to more than 90 days of treatment.

A residential mode of drug addiction treatment typically presents a more structured set-up compared to the outpatient method. The patient receives comprehensive care at all stages of the drug recovery process.

Significant Benefits of Residential Drug Treatment for Substance Abuse Cases in Asheville, NC

If you are seriously considering residential drug treatment, the following benefits may seal the deal for you.

Round-the-Clock Care

You will receive specialized care and treatment as an in-patient in a recovery center. Clinical experts and therapists will assess your physical condition.  They will then determine whether you require a specific therapy or a combination of various therapies. A residential set-up also ensures that you get proper medical intervention. For example, assistance as you go through the detox process and experience withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse.

Structured Recovery Arrangement

Although an out-patient set-up does not require for you to leave your home for an extended period of time, not having access to necessary therapies round-the-clock can be detrimental on your efforts at a full recovery in Asheville, NC.

The structured environment of a residential arrangement compels substance abuse patients to stand by a routine.  A huge benefit is adapting to a more disciplined way of living.  Examples would include detoxification, treatment and therapies, healthy lifestyle, and a connection with the entire recovery community

Mitigation of Distractions

Residential drug treatment provides patients an increased focus and minimized distractions. Oftentimes, an individual succumbs to substance abuse due to the influences of his/her environment, neighborhood, or peers.

When you submit yourself to in-patient residential care, you are removing yourself from the outside world.  Away from risky influences and distractions that may drive you to irreversible dependency or relapse. In this manner, you are better able to devote your time and energy to various therapies. All without unnecessarily exposing yourself to factors which may have contributed to your addiction issues.

Comprehensive Treatment

A residential mode of treatment allows your clinical therapists to examine your physical, mental, and spiritual condition thoroughly. This will provide them with the necessary information to design a comprehensive yet personalized combination of therapies necessary for recovery. From medical assistance during the detoxification process to trauma resolution and aftercare treatment, a residential set-up paves the way for holistic, restorative healing.

Considering Residential Drug Treatment in Asheville, NC? Call us at Asheville Recovery Center Today

The challenges surrounding drug and alcohol abuse treatment are varied and complex. A community of therapists and healers can help you on the road to full recovery in Asheville, NC.

If you are seeking for comprehensive treatment and care for drug and alcohol addiction, talk to us. We provide 24/7 residential drug treatment and aftercare in Asheville, NC, regardless of the drug addiction stage you are in.  You don’t have to battle it out on your own.  Contact us at Asheville Recovery Center today.

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