The Nest

Asheville Recovery Center’s specially designed residential addiction treatment center is your new home away from home. As the latest constructed sober-living environment within Asheville Recovery Center, The Nest comfortably accommodates eleven female clients and aims to provide quality addiction care to women within a relaxed female-oriented setting. 

Our drug and alcohol treatment approach is a complete and all-inclusive program with a variety of types of treatment for addiction. During a stay at our facility, all of your needs will be met through our various services with multiple alcohol addiction treatment options.

Upon admittance, you will be assessed both medically and psychologically to determine each of your recovery needs. This way, each individual gets the specialized care that they require to allow them the best chance at long-term recovery success. We believe that offering people the chance to enter into a new environment is imperative to developing new and necessary coping skills needed throughout recovery backed by advances in mental health and addiction treatment.

Additionally, our innovative and complete addiction treatment outpatient services program allows for individuals to address their addictions with constant medical and psychological supervision by our compassionate and caring staff. We understand how community aids individuals in gaining motivation, commitment, and support through flexible drug addiction treatment methods.

The comfort of female clients is a top priority and the intention of The Nest is to provide a calming,  therapeutic environment so that  connections with fellow women in recovery are nurtured. Throughout recovery, we believe that offering a complete program for addiction treatment allows us to maintain our family setting. With this family atmosphere of support and encouragement, the Nest really is your home away from home.