Residential Treatment

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is a comprehensive program which combines a number of therapies and methods to help individuals dealing with either substance abuse or addiction. It’s most defining characteristic is that it which requires that individuals live within a facility while they recieve treatment, as opposed to outpatient treatment. This allows for a number of benefits that individuals in outpatient programs cannot take advantage of during treatment.

Did you know that residential treatment programs are the most effective in helping individuals gain freedom from their addictions and establish a life of sobriety? Residential treatment is the most commonly suggested option for individuals dealing with addiction by medical and addiction specialists. And that’s because it’s proven to work when individuals make the commitment to improving their lives and are dedicated with their recovery.

Benefits of a Residential Treatment Program

There are a number of benefits of choosing residential treatment over various other forms of addiction treatment like:

Focus: When individuals enroll into a residential treatment program, they’re completely focusing on their goal to get sober and begin a life in recovery. Rather than being distracted by outside forces and allowing relapse triggers to tempt individuals during treatment, residential treatment minimizes these risks.

24/7 Care: Recovery isn’t a 9-5 job. It’s 24/7. And the earliest days of sobriety are often the hardest. So, it’s important that individuals have all the help they need to remain sober within these first days. Choosing residential treatment means choosing to have medical professionals, therapist, and case managers for any needs during treatment, day and night.

Structure: While IOPs and Outpatient programs do offer some kind of structure and routine, residential treatment has the ability to offer much more. Structure is essential for individuals living with addiction because they have to uproot entire lifestyles. And they also have to establish new, healthy ways of thinking and living. To immerse oneself in this new routine and lifestyle is the best chance to have it stick, and residential treatment allows for this.

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Methods Utilized in Residential Treatment

To help individuals discover underlying causes of addiction, address concurring mental health issues, and establish true and lasting healing, a number of methods are utilized throughout treatment. While there is no one cure for addiction, there is something that works best for every individual. Offering a number of services allows individuals to discover what works best for their own recovery. Some of the residential treatment methods offered to individuals during their stay may include:

Residential Treatment Program | Asheville Recovery Center

Medical Detox Referral: For individuals who haven’t yet been through detox, we can help provide a referral to a partner organization which offers this service. Detoxing is imperative before treatment can begin so that individuals no longer are experiencing painful or agitating withdrawal symptoms while focusing on treatment. Rather than attempting to detox at home, medical detox offers patients medications which can help to reduce the severity of symptoms and provide some comfort during this part of treatment. Additionally, detoxing can be dangerous when it comes to a number of substances. So, medical detox can ensure of patient safety during the detox period by offering 24/7 medical assistance.

Individual Therapy: A number of different therapeutic approaches can be utilized during individual therapy sessions. These can include rapid resolution therapy to address trauma, cognitive behavioral therapy to address self-harming thinking patterns, and a number of other techniques. Additionally, individualized therapy can help individuals to identify and confront underlying conditions of addiction which can help to determine relapse prevention measures which need to be taken.

Group Therapy: While individual therapy is great, group therapy offer its own set of benefits. Group therapy is great in helping recovering individuals to gain confidence in their ability to remain sober. And, it provides a great way to practice various methods which can be used outside of treatment walls with peers.

Family Counseling: Addiction is a disease that doesn’t just affect the individual abusing drugs. It affects every one of their loved ones. While it’s important for individuals struggling with addiction to establish healing, it’s also important that family members get to do the same. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, our clinical director specializes in family therapy because the vitality of family healing is not overlooked within our walls. With family counseling, families can learn to establish healthy boundaries, communication techniques, and learn more about recovery from addiction.

Holistic Therapies: While traditional therapies are proven to aid individuals in discovering a life of sobriety, alternative therapies offer their own set of benefits. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, individuals have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of different holistic therapies which can aid in recovery. These therapies include yoga, meditation.

Dual Diagnosis: Many individuals who struggle with addiction are also diagnosed with mental health conditions. This is known as dual diagnosis. Since it’s such a common occurence, it needs addressing. When mental health issues that play a part in active addiction aren’t addressed throughout treatment, these individuals have a higher risk of relapsing once treatment concludes. So, dual diagnosis programs help these individuals establish effective means of preventing relapse with a number of methods.

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Looking for Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse or Addiction?

If you’re looking for safety and freedom from your addiction, you can redefine yourself. And, you don’t have to do it alone. Here at Asheville Recovery Center, our compassionate staff and comforting environment is a place where many find healing from debilitating addictions every day. Each day you wait to get the help you need is another day closer to addiction winning. Don’t let addiction win; fight back! If you are ready to make the commitment of sobriety and get support for this decision, contact us today!