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Group Therapy and Individual Therapy

group therapy Asheville NC

What are the Differences between Individual and Group Therapies for Drug Addiction in Asheville, NC? A drug dependent individual may have recourse to two possible methods of treatment: individual therapy or group therapy. Both methods involve a patient/s and a therapist communicating with one another as means to address the causes and dangers of drug…

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Is Alcohol A Drug?

is alcohol a drug Asheville recovery centers

If you ask someone who uses alcohol whether it is a drug, the answer will probably be no, but you can’t really blame them because society does not categorize alcohol as a drug. This can clearly be seen when people are discussing drugs, and the topic will most likely be about the use of alcohol…

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What Are The Differences Between Drug Abuse And Drug Addiction?

drug abuse and drug addiction recovery Asheville NC

Drug abuse and drug addiction are often confused as most people believe that they mean the same thing. Though they are closely related, there is a great difference between them. Because they mean two different things, dealing with each one of them requires a different kind of approach, and that is the main reason why…

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What are the Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction in North Carolina?

cocaine addiction rehab Asheville NC

What are the Treatment Options for Cocaine Addiction in North Carolina? Cocaine addiction is a common form of substance abuse and dependency that affects millions of susceptible individuals worldwide. Cocaine, also known as coke, is a stimulant drug derived from the coca plant.  The leaves are then processed into a powder, which can be snorted or…

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How Does One Stop Drug Abuse?

drug abuse Asheville NC

Many people have grown to believe that to exist or to have fun; drugs have to be in the mix because otherwise, life would be unimaginable. It is a popular misconception that has led to a lot of deaths due to alcohol abuse and addiction. However, a time comes when one needs to get their…

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What Is Addiction And How Does One Overcome It?

addiction recovery treatment Asheville NC

Addiction can be described as a disease that affects the human brain leading to an inability to control what one is using and how often they use it. The person affected gets a strong urge to use the particular substance and is often unable to function without taking it. One may be addicted to substances…

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